Why Some Dairy Fat Raises Cholesterol, and Some Doesn’t

milk fat

Good morning everyone. Today we have an exciting topic to explore: whether or not the saturated fat in dairy products actually raises cholesterol. The association between eating saturated fat and seeing your cholesterol numbers go up a tick has always been rock solid, but it's possible the presence (or absence) of a particular compound in dairy products is responsible for this effect. To explain the issue further please allow me to bring your attention to Dr. Ulf Risérus, a professor at Uppsala University in Sweden who'll answer important questions for us about this research.

5 Details That Destroy Supplement Quality That You Could Never Know About

If you're a supplement junkie you've probably noticed that you can take two brands that offer the exact same ingredient but give you radically different results. I used to have a friend who regularly got high on Kava but could take 15 pills of a low-cost brand and not feel a thing. The reason is more than just placebo. Here are five critical points in the QC process that'll make or break a supplement and aren't clearly defined on any label or regulatory protocol.

Creatine: The Missing Ingredient In Mental Health

Hidy ho neighbors! It's a gloomy day here in northeast Ohio and I find myself needing a way to put off the doldrums that are concomitant with this depression inducing weather. Besides the obvious choice of vitamin D, what am I turning to? To keep myself stabilized I eschew botanicals of all ilk, skip the magnesium, and instead turn to a powdery white dust that I know will keep my mood stabilized. That's right folks, to keep myself sane I choose creatine. And you should too.

How To Take Calcium So It Goes Into Your Bones, Not Your Arteries


CALCIUM IS UNDER ATTACK! Meta-analyses are sprouting up everywhere showing that it has no effect. It just skips your bones en route to your arteries, leaving your poor cardiovascular system winded, hardened, and a shell of what it once was. THE HORROR! I'm being a smart ass, but this once mighty mineral seems to be on its way down. However, the reasons for its demise are misinformed.

Fish Oil: VERY Important. Sometimes Harmful. Why?


When it comes to scientific verification, Fish Oil is like supplement mecca. Yet somehow, despite all its benefits, its delivery still gets royally messed up and many people who take one probably aren't doing anything at all. You'd almost have to be trying in order to do that! Come inside for my little secret about what usually goes wrong.......shhhhhhhhhh..............

How to Talk To A Manufacturer Without Sounding Like An Idiot


About 93.4% of people who go looking for a supplement manufacturer don't know what they're doing. What makes their ignorance even worse is that it's of the Donald Rumsfeld variety: they don't know what they don't know. I usually get annoyed listening about what they want and I don't even have any expectation of making money off of them! And unfortunately there's really not a good place to find out the birds and the bees. Until now! Here's an introductory 101 course on how to converse with manufacturers. Please, do read before submitting your quote.