Natural Products Expo West: 2 Key Insights, and Why Chia Is Taking Over the World

Just got back from Natural Products Expo West. HOLY COW! My, things are getting pretty intense over there in Anaheim. Next year I'm expecting a ferris wheel and an organic craps table. It was extremely crowded, a bit overwhelming, and a lot of fun. Want to know the key takeaway points from the event? Want irrefutable proof about how big the chia seed industry has grown? Then read on.

The Making of Incredible Mood Pt. 1: Manufacturing & Formulation

The past is much more enjoyable when you can replay it with the benefit of hindsight. In the's usually a bit of a crunch. Deadlines, budgets, angry customers, angrier girlfriends, fits of deep thought that move you to spontaneous sets of pushups in the middle of the night......the tyranny of the present can move a man to unusual means. So with the day-to-day angst of Incredible Mood out of the way, let's step back, kick up our feet, and replay the story of its becoming, shall we? It comes in two parts. Here's the first.

Curcumin: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

curcumin suppliers guide

Curcumin made its way from tandoori to tablet pretty damn fast. It's the best selling herbal supplement in the world. Startling fact: did you know most supplementary curcumin is useless? Special steps have to be taken to make it bioavailable, otherwise you just poop it out. That's where specialized forms of curcumin come in........they take extra steps to make sure it gets out of your tummy. Here's a detailed look at how the five biggest suppliers compare to one another, and what they get right and wrong.

Adam Conover Says Megadosing Vitamins Is Bad. Is He Right?

adam conover

Adam Conover is a TV-wise-guy that likes to poke sticks at popular canons to reveal deeper truths. He just did a piece on vitamins and why a belief in their therapeutic capabilities are massively overstated. WATCH OUT FOLKS!!! Looks like we've got a controversy-a-brewin'. His insights run counter to my sensibilities, so I angrily come before you readers, debatin' muscles ready to flex, with foam at my mouth so I can animalistically defend my intellectual soap box and settle the score. Adam Conover, meet your archnemesis, Jonathan Bechtel!