Vitamineral Green Review: The Best Superfood Powder. Simply Awesome.

VitaMineral Green. It's the 900 lb gorilla of superfood powders. Urban legends abound of accident victims and cancer patients who used it to single-handedly snatch life from the jaws of death. It's super-dense, super-green, and super-potent. So does perception meet reality? This detailed review will breakdown all the major components of this most-famous superfood powder.

Superfood Review: Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus – Good Nutrients, Great Price

Dr. Schulze's Superfood Plus

Due to popular feedback from previous posts, here's another review of a popular superfood powder. The subject? The Superfood Plus by Herbdoc. Here's the skinny: It's a solid mixture with high quality ingredients. It offers a lot of powder for the money and its cost per gram is significantly less than many of its competitors. So it's a good buy for consumers who prioritize quality of nutrients and affordability.