Review: True Vitality Plant Protein Shake

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My to-do list for the day read like this: 1). Call Mom 2). Remember to take out the trash 3). Do laundry 4). Write review for the True Vitality Meal Powder My room's still a mess, but luckily for you guys I managed to get around to #4 on my list. (And I did manage to send mom an e-mail). And about True Vitality? Vegan. Probiotic. Inexpensive. And algae oils.......oh, algae oils!

Meal Replacement Powder Comparison: Raw Meal vs. Amazing Meal vs. Vega One

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Meal replacement powders are a great way to kill the munchies. Lots of calories, lots of nutrients, and usually some vitamins and greens to boot. Bodybuilders use them to gain weight, but us normal folk are usually looking for an easy way to replace McDonald's and balance our systems. In the world of meal replacement powders there are three titans: the Amazing Meal by Amazing Grass, RAW Meal by Garden of Life, and Vega One. This review thoroughly compares all three. Don't go beyond this point unless you're prepared to GORGE on some insanely in-depth geeky details!