A Lifetime of Pesticides: Lessons From Farmers and How They Die

migrant farm workers

A lot of us are worried about pesticide exposure. Or at least a little curious, right? Solid answers are hard to come by, but there's a surprisingly robust group of people that provide valuable clues about what a lifetime of pesticide exposure does to the body. They're farmers. And farmers mostly live healthy lives, but with one caveat. They frequently die from rare diseases.

Health Supplement Users are Female, High Income, and Well Educated

Percentage of americans who use supplements

Every 5 years the National Institute of Health releases a study on Comparative Alternative Medicine (CAM) that details nationwide trends in health supplement use. We're due for another one in 2012, but I thought it'd be interesting to take a close look at the results from 2007. In some circles supplement use is casted in… Continue reading Health Supplement Users are Female, High Income, and Well Educated

How The Medical System Prevents Cancer Cures

An old issue of The Oncologist makes a dour evaluation of cancer research: Cancer mortality has changed little over the past forty years, mainly because of our failure to develop curative chemotherapy for the common solid cancers. The rest of the article gives a nice overview of the drug approval process. The problem (according to… Continue reading How The Medical System Prevents Cancer Cures

Words on Food Labels That Are……Kinda Stupid

stupid words on food labels

Janet from Nutrition Unplugged writes about words on food labels she doesn't like: There are certain words used to describe foods that make me cringe. I wish we could officially retire them. I don’t mean health claims on food labels; that’s an entirely different story (and I’ve covered that quite a bit in the past).  Now I’m… Continue reading Words on Food Labels That Are……Kinda Stupid