A Response To Dr. Schulze

Oh, dear. I stepped into a pile. And even worse yet.....it's my own fault! Ouch. I hate stupid, especially when it pertains to me. I made a few editorial errors a while back which have just recently bubbled up to the surface. The corrections were made a while ago, but for anyone interested here's my $0.02.

How The News Can Mislead You

Bad news

Most health magazines read in a similar fashion: "New study finds X causes Y" The implication is that some unusual nutrient or ingredient now has some unexpected significant outcome. That makes for interesting reading, but it doesn't mean the message is worth a hoot.......even if the news is accurate.

The Health Nut’s Guide To Eating At Starbucks

Starbucks Iced Constantine Coffee

Despite my sometimew low opinion of Starbucks groupies, I've slowly come around to the fact that I'm becoming one. I hate working at home, and gosh darn it, there's just no easier place to be amongst people while you quietly go about your work. But is the food at Starbucks good for you? Gosh no! Here's a rule based guide that'll allow you to minimize the caloric impact of your orders even if you can't tell a macchiato from a frappuccino.