The Effect Smoking Marijuana Has on Your Body – 5 Surprising Facts

smoking pot

Medical marijuana is legal in 37 states and recreational marijuana legal in 2. There's a lot of chatter about those numbers getting larger in the coming years. It's hard to consume information about marijuana use that's devoid of stereotypes. The people who use it are either stoners or sinners. The way it makes you feel are obvious but there's surprisingly few guides about what risks or benefits come from inhaling it regularly. The truth is a little surprising.

Grape Seed Extract: Protector of Your Heart, Blood, and DNA

grape seeds

It was a running joke that that all the wine the French drank helped them live longer. It was always used to demonstrate the irony of good health until it turned out to be true.
Wine, and grapes by extension, have remarkable effects on the health of your heart, blood, cell walls, and DNA. It might seem magical, but with a closer look the workings of red wine are pretty simple. And concentrated. Most of the good stuff from red wine comes from the seed of the grapes, and from there it executes a very simple reaction in your body over, and over, over.
Simply put, grape seeds exert their force by acting as the Robin Hood of electrons inside your body.

High ORAC Superfoods: Green Tea vs. Cocoa

cocoa beans

Getting enough anti-oxidants shouldn't be difficult or expensive. They're all around you, waiting to be conveniently added to hot water and your favorite dishes. The trick is just knowing where to find them, and how they get removed from your diet. With that in mind, here's a close look at two of the most potent sources of cellular goodness in the whole wide world: green tea and cocoa.

Why Stevia Is A Good Sweetener and How to Buy It


Sugar was great until we found out it feeds cancer and causes our fat cells to expand. Then came aspartame. Aspartame was great until we found out that it fried neurons and left our metabolic systems malformed and disease ridden. Then came Splenda. Which seemed pretty good until........I'm not even sure why it fell out of favor. But now there's Stevia. And Stevia's good.....we think. But that begs the question....why can't we just buy it in the store?

Losing Your Mind? Four Natural Remedies for Improved Cognition

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In my observation residual stress on your working memory is one of the most common but least talked about problems of daily life. Lots of anxiety, stress, and emotional turbulence is the result of our brains being either overworked or boxed in. Can food help with this issue? And more importantly, specific food or diet in general? The answer is mostly the latter but here are four herbs that can help perk up your brain.

Echinacea: The (Almost) Cure For the Common Cold


Cold season is upon us. I personally dislike cough syrup and try to avoid medication when possible. Echinacea is touted as a cure for the common cold, but I'm sad to doesn't really hold up when put under the microscope. It's useful as a general immune booster, but not as a targeted treatment for anyting....including the cold.