Why Stevia Is A Good Sweetener and How to Buy It


Sugar was great until we found out it feeds cancer and causes our fat cells to expand. Then came aspartame. Aspartame was great until we found out that it fried neurons and left our metabolic systems malformed and disease ridden. Then came Splenda. Which seemed pretty good until........I'm not even sure why it fell out of favor. But now there's Stevia. And Stevia's good.....we think. But that begs the question....why can't we just buy it in the store?

Losing Your Mind? Four Natural Remedies for Improved Cognition

brain food

In my observation residual stress on your working memory is one of the most common but least talked about problems of daily life. Lots of anxiety, stress, and emotional turbulence is the result of our brains being either overworked or boxed in. Can food help with this issue? And more importantly, specific food or diet in general? The answer is mostly the latter but here are four herbs that can help perk up your brain.

Echinacea: The (Almost) Cure For the Common Cold


Cold season is upon us. I personally dislike cough syrup and try to avoid medication when possible. Echinacea is touted as a cure for the common cold, but I'm sad to say......it doesn't really hold up when put under the microscope. It's useful as a general immune booster, but not as a targeted treatment for anyting....including the cold.

De-Mystifying Ginseng: What It Does, What It Doesn’t, and Why It’s Awesome

different types of ginseng

Some people think taking Ginseng will help you lose weight, run faster, fight disease and a whole other bunch of gnarly stuff. Not quite....but it is a nice pick me up. I myself take siberian ginseng in the morning with my tea. Ginseng itself comes in 5 different flavors and about 4 different forms. Should you supplement with it? Are there significant differences between the different types? Here's the very abbreviated encyclopedia on what ginseng does, how to shop for it, and lots of other good details.

Bilberry: Nature’s Eyeglasses and Acupuncture Agent

bilberry plant

For many years bilberry has been used to help prevent blindness and improve macular degeneration. Pilots used it in WWII to help prevent night blindness. It's a close relative of the blueberry, and we all know how good those are for you. Here's a detailed overview of the different cellular and medicinal benefits of this blue fruit, and practical information on how much of it to take and where to buy it.