Tocotrienols: The True Form of Vitamin E


Every once in a while life brings us those unexpected revelations of truth. Moments that force us to reflect on what we really value and how much of our previously held beliefs are actually true. Can having a discussion about vitamin E bring us to that point? Hell no! .........but we are going to talk about its forgotten side and the SHOCKING ways it's been swept underneath the rug, to the detriment of us all. If you've ever been curious about guzzling pints of Malaysian palm oil and looking for a reason to finally give it a're in luck.

Vitamin B12: Are You Taking It The Right Way?

vitamin b12

B12 might be a useful supplement for a lot of different people. Especially if you're elderly or suffer from an autoimmune condition. If you're one of these people insufficient B12 creeps up on you like a cunning predator, closely following you in the shadows for years until its effects finally rear their ugly head and snatch you from the clutches of sanity. That's right.....inadequate B12 halts your ability to focus and think clearly. So if you want to know more about how to use B12 and prevent the nutties, read on.

Phosphate: Are We Secretly Overdosing On It?


The last 10 years has seen an extraordinary push towards food that people feel is "clean." No funny sounding ingredients on the label. Animal treatment that'd make us feel comfortable dropping off our pets there. Rugged farmers with squared jaw lines and taut, muscular bodies that remind us of Robert Redford. That's right...........we're sick of McFood. Curiously enough, did you know ALL OF THESE THINGS point towards a common enemy that's rarely acknowledged? There's a mineral causing metabolic madness that's hiding in plain sight.

Adam Conover Says Megadosing Vitamins Is Bad. Is He Right?

adam conover

Adam Conover is a TV-wise-guy that likes to poke sticks at popular canons to reveal deeper truths. He just did a piece on vitamins and why a belief in their therapeutic capabilities are massively overstated. WATCH OUT FOLKS!!! Looks like we've got a controversy-a-brewin'. His insights run counter to my sensibilities, so I angrily come before you readers, debatin' muscles ready to flex, with foam at my mouth so I can animalistically defend my intellectual soap box and settle the score. Adam Conover, meet your archnemesis, Jonathan Bechtel!

Why Some Dairy Fat Raises Cholesterol, and Some Doesn’t

milk fat

Good morning everyone. Today we have an exciting topic to explore: whether or not the saturated fat in dairy products actually raises cholesterol. The association between eating saturated fat and seeing your cholesterol numbers go up a tick has always been rock solid, but it's possible the presence (or absence) of a particular compound in dairy products is responsible for this effect. To explain the issue further please allow me to bring your attention to Dr. Ulf Risérus, a professor at Uppsala University in Sweden who'll answer important questions for us about this research.