Health Kismet Now Accepts Bitcoin. And A Special Sale

Health Kismet can now accept payment in Bitcoin. I personally find this exciting because I'm a bit of a technophile and believe it'll be advantageous in the long run. And to celebrate.....Health Kismet will be participating in a special "Black Friday" sale for Bitcoin merchants on November 9th. What is bitcoin? Will bitcoin transactions be handled any differently than normal transactions? What kind of discount is being offered? All that and more inside. To infinity, and beyond!

Incredible Greens on Sale for $25 A Bottle From June 7 – June 14

Incredible Greens

I've got good news, and better news. The good: Incredible Greens has been selling well, and we're now about ready to make our second batch. The better: We're selling our remaining inventory at a 50% discount to make room for our new order. So if you like it, or are curious to try it, here's your chance to get a good deal. This sale will last from June 7th to June 14th. You just have to use the coupon code.......

The Story of Health Kismet

Jonathan Bechtel

Health Kismet is a one-man operation that was conceived one year ago, turned into a company seven months ago, and has officially been selling its product for 3 months. Here's a brief story on how the company came to be in the first place, and what's next on its plate.