Introducing Nutraceutical Pro — A Better Way to Manage Your Formulas


Update 1:  I’m not dead, haven’t gone out of business, or undergone any unexpected lobotamies.  Yet.

Update 2: We have an exciting new feature that I think will portend positive developments in the future.

Many of us here (or rather, many of us who used to be here) have a strong fascination with the natural products industry, how it works, and its most interesting and impactful products.

To that end, the past year has been spent in development of a new project called Nutraceutical Pro™.  It’s a program that allows you to easily build formulas, save them, and generate convenient reports that you can share with manufacturers.

It’s meant to be an improvement over the previously built Formula Analyzer, and is borne out of the observation that getting and managing a dietary supplement quote is often a real pain.

The basic process works like this:

1).  Create a Formula:

On the formula page, you enter your project’s details, and the ingredients you want for your formula:

Build Your Formula
Build Your Formula

Once you save the formula you’ll be prompted to log in or create an account if you haven’t already done so.

2).  Save and Access Them At Anytime

A big benefit of Nutraceutical Pro over the Formula Analyzer is that you can save your formulas for later access.  Having a repository where you can easily access and manage your formulas makes it much easier to riff on old ideas and continually build on previous projects and brainstorming sessions.

Conveniently access saved formulas
Conveniently access saved formulas

3).  Generate Reports For Your Formulas

Once you have your formulas saved you can generate reports for them, which you can then use to pass around to manufacturers.  A large problem with the manufacturing process right now is that the information needed to get a product made is not very well standardized, so lots of time gets wasted trying to pin down exactly what everyone wants.

So the idea behind Nutra Pro is that you can provide information once, and then dispense it to as many people as you need in a way that’s systematic and complete.

An example report for a formula looks like this:

Example report from Nutraceutical Pro
Example report from Nutraceutical Pro

4).  Find Manufacturers

With this convenient information in hand, you’re now able to pursue the manufacture of your product with much more force.  If you become a member you’ll have access to a curated list of suppliers and manufacturers you can contact in order to get your project underway:

Get suppliers and manufacturers for your project
Get suppliers and manufacturers for your project

Taken together, this is a much more convenient way to create and manage projects……..and there will be more on the way!

Eventually this will be integrated with better ways to find manufacturers so you can contact them directly, providing a slick, end-to-end pipeline for developing awesome products.

Integration with our service for getting quotes will also be merged into this, but that’s a bit further off.

This is entirely free to use, and I genuinely think this is a seed that has the potential to sprout into something transformative for the Natural Products industry.

Questions are welcome, and if you’re trying to kick the tires on getting something off the ground, do yourself a favor and give this a try!

1 thought on “Introducing Nutraceutical Pro — A Better Way to Manage Your Formulas”

  1. Great blog for learning how the supplement industry works “behind the scenes.” I quit all “tablets” of anything a few decades ago when I learned they barely digest. So then I thought softgels & veggie-capsule/powdered-items would be better. But learning about all the pathetic “FILLERS” in any “capsule” makes them a No-Go as well. It looks like softgels are about the only “safest” thing left (that or “green powders” but not if those powders are also full of “FILLERS”). Sigh. What a hassle!


    So you would like to pay only $8 per container of your Example-CoQ10-Formula, but then would likely sell it to the public for, say, $35-$50 per container?

    If so, wow, no wonder everyone is creating their own “brands” of supplements these days. 😉


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