New Endeavor: Health Kismet Consulting


Greetings everyone!

Exciting announcement today.  I’m officially using company resources to devote towards consulting and business incubation in the natural products industry.

This has been a side project that’s been growing despite me not putting a lot of effort into promoting it but that’s about to change.

I’ve decided in 2016 there’s going to be an increased emphasis on developing the consulting side of the business and making it a more meaningful part of my operation.

To kick it off Health Kismet Consulting now has an official website:

Why am I doing this?

1).  I’ve collected far more industry knowledge than I am currently able to deploy in my own product development and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

2).  I have a bigger comparative advantage in strategy and project synthesis than I do in traditional forms of marketing.

3).  For a capitol constrained company such as myself this gives me a way to implicitly build leverage into my operation by being able to tap into the resources of companies much larger than myself.

4).  I see this endeavor and my own product line as being synergistic to one another, thus giving Health Kismet a larger growth coefficient than if I devoted myself entirely towards one exclusively.

5).  A good rule of thumb is to follow the paths that allow you to help the most people and along those lines this move instinctively feels like the right thing to do.

So by allowing my supplement business and consulting business to compliment one another each will be stronger than they would standing on their own.

So what sorts of tasks will Health Kismet Consulting be helping companies accomplish?

Lots of exciting things!

Among others:

Formulation:  Using clinical research and knowledge of the supply chain to develop winning formulas that are both clinically relevant and business savvy.

Supply Chain Management:  Working deals with suppliers and manufacturers to move projects along, navigate legal and logistical barriers, and keep costs down.

Manufacturing Matchmaking:  Pair up manufacturers and clients according to each party’s business needs.

Business Development:  Planning for trade shows, marketing strategies, and implementing various business processes.

Testing & Quality Control:  Working with labs and companies to make sure adequate testing protocols are put in place and troubleshooting supply chain leaks to prevent ingredient contamination.

Content Development:  Industry savvy, scientifically literate content for white papers, reports, marketing material, etc.

Intellectual Property & Licensing:  This is a nascent area, but one that I think will be big in the future.  The development of intellectual property around products and using the strong backbone of my formulations to help partners explore licensing opportunities with other enterprises.

It’s an exciting endeavor and one I think will bear big rewards looking forward.

I’ve had a blast working with my current batch of companies and look forward to helping more in the future.

Here’s to our success!

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