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Review: Trace Minerals Research Greens, Berries & Chocolate Powders

trace minerals

Hey there guys.

My co-worker was nice enough to send me samples from the last Natural Products Expo East tradeshow, which gave me a fresh batch of samples to write for reviews.

Very exciting.

Today we’re going to do a drive-by of the superfood product offerings by a company called Trace Minerals Research……a group of people that usually concern themselves with sifting metals out of the water, but were nice enough to take the time to put some powdered vegetables in a bottle for us to review.

Rejoice, rejoice.

Their offerings come to us in three varieties:  reds/berries, greens-chocolate, greens-berries.

The Skinny

Overall this is what I liked best about these products:

  • Deep ingredient list.  All three varieties had 40+ ingredients, giving them a diverse, textured ingredient list that offers a lot of variety.
  • Uniquely flavored.  Each one I thought had a very unique, balanced flavor that made them easy to drink.
  • Reasonably priced.  You can get 30 ingredient packets for less than $20 on Amazon, making this a pretty affordable option for people with a pinched budget.
  • Comes in individual serving packs.  Good for people on the go.

What might we be a little hesitant about?

  • Contains gluten.  Albeit in very small amounts, but the presence of barley malt means people with Coeliac’s need to look elsewhere.
  • Low greens content.  As we’ll discuss later, the greens content in each of these products is fairly low, with the total vegetable content for the greens/chocolate flavor coming in at 23%, which is pretty low even for a light mixture.
  • Small serving size.  The serving sizes for these were 6.5g and 7.5 g respectively…..a wee-bit skinny for a greens fiend like me.

trade minerals research


Each version of the Trace Minerals Research superfood products had a nice, buoyant flavor that I found very pleasant to drink.

The chocolate I thought was especially delicious……it puts Ovaltine to shame and has a non-detectable greens flavor…..great for people who are interested in trying these things but can’t stomach their weird flavor.

The berries version reminded me of Incredible Berries, but without the puckery tang at the end… was more smooth.

Greens/berry was also good but I found the after taste to be a bit artificial and preferred it the least of the three.

All three mixed very well with water, especially the two greens versions due to the inclusion of lecithin (about 1200 mg in each per serving).


As stated above, the most remarkable nutritional qualities about the Trace Minerals research line is their deep ingredient list.

All three mixtures are particularly heavy on high ORAC herbs like milk thistle, grape seed extract, green tea extract, and acerola.

The mix is “balanced” meaning it spans a wide variety of ingredient categories:  fiber, enzymes, probiotics, greens, herbs and fruits.

Some of the ingredients organic, with the highest portion of organic ingredients in the greens/berry mix.  The chocolate mix didn’t have any organic ingredients, while the berries mix had some.

While many might be attracted to the diverse ingredient list, others might be apprehensive about the portion of vegetables in the mixture, which is fairly low compared to other products.

Here’s the macronutrient breakdown for the greens/berry mix:

trace minerals super greensThis one had the highest greens content.

Here’s the breakdown for the greens/chocolate:



The large portion of antioxidants & herbs is due to the heaping serving of cocoa.  Its exact amount wasn’t listed but I’d guess that it’s the most voluminous ingredient in the mixture.

This is fine since cocoa has the wonderful distinction of being both flavorful and having a high density of phytochemicals — plant stuff that seems to help your body.   It’s probably the most powerful antioxidant sitting in your kitchen cabinet.

However, if someone’s looking for a true “greens” powder they’d be better off going with one of the other two varieties.

Here’s the breakdown for the reds version:

trace minerals reds pak


As you can see none of the versions exclude an ingredient category.  They’re “well blended.”

I’d pick the chocolate version as the most nutritious since it has the lowest fiber content and cocoa is so nutritious.

How Do They Rate In The Superfood Picker?

After loading each of the products into the superfood picker their nutrient scores came out like this:




greens pak berry score


reds pak score

The distribution of the scores mostly follows the fiber content, since it gets fairly high in each of these products and the superfood picker punishes products if their fiber content goes above 10%.

But overall they’ve still got a healthy score.  They rate out close to All Day Energy Greens and Macro Greens when you evaluate all their characteristics.

The reds pak is underrated by the Superfood Picker because it’s geared towards products that have a high greens content and that’s not the case here, even though it’s still very nutritious.  It’s just not a “true” greens powder which is the underlying assumption in the superfood picker.

So What Do We Have Here?

I admit, I’ve written so many of these reviews it’s getting difficult for me to summarize these products without sounding like something else I’ve already written.

I can feel the creativity spigot petering out when I try and shuffle my thoughts on these things.

But, in the case of the Trace Minerals Research brand…..I think they fit together as a whole and they do a good job of differentiating themselves enough to give people genuinely different choices while still delivering on a core  promise of fundamental nutrition.

And I was able to validate their usefulness the old fashioned way:

After gobbling them all down at the same time I seemed to have a little buzz going for the next few hours.  That always helps.

They all have distinct flavor profiles and come in individual packs, so they’re a good choice for people who otherwise don’t have the inclination to try greens powders, be it for taste or convenience.

You can find them on Amazon here, here, and here.

You can find the Trace Minerals Research website here.

Au Revoir!

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