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Incredible Mood Pre-Sale. Save 40%. Free Shipping. Lots of Prizes.


Good morning everyone!

Exciting news:  our next product is just around the corner and I’m happy to bribe you to get you to try it.

It’s called Incredible Mood, and it’s intended to be the world’s first all-in-one remedy for anxiety and depression.  A combination of organic botanicals and high-potency vitamins that pinpoint the root causes of mood swings.

If I do say so myself……it’s kind of a big deal.

I just sampled the flavors for it and as I write this I’m serenely thumbing my keyboard with a euphoric buzz that’s even better than the other natural substance people take to get a lift.  It’s that good people.

Important Stuff:

  • When the pre-sale happens:  August 27-September 4
  • When Incredible Mood will ship:  Probably late September/early October, but dates are flexible.
  • When your credit card will be charged: As soon as you place your order.

You can place your pre-order here.

The rest of this post will go over the following details:

  • Information about Incredible Mood itself.
  • Information about our pre-sale
  • Information about the extra contests and giveaways we’re doing to encourage you to promote it.

Incredible Mood:  The All-In-One Natural Remedy For Your State of Mind

Know anyone that’s crazy and drives you nuts because their state of mind is all over the place?  That person that leaves you thinking “If they were just a **wee** bit sane”?  

Incredible Mood is for that person.  (Or you if I just described yourself).

Always a little anxious?  Irritable?  Up and down?  They all share similar physiological issues and Incredible Mood takes a vacuum cleaner and sucks up those annoying mood-bunnies cluttering up our brains.

How does it do this?

  • Counteracts cortisol.   AKA “the stress hormone” that gets squirted out by your brain every time you panic or become disturbed.  Circulating cortisol is bad for your mood.  (And lots of other things).
  • Supports the methylation cycle.  A very important process that allows your body to produce more neuroamines, chemicals that put you in a good mood.
  • Helps produce serotonin.  Your brain’s primary “happy chemical.”  Incredible Mood does this by including natural ingredients that improve your body’s capacity to make serotonin, as opposed to simply burping it up and giving someone the “Serotonin Syndrome.”
  • Pinpoints micronutrient deficiencies.  People with crummy moods reliably have certain micronutrient deficiencies like zinc and magnesium.  Incredible Mood zaps them to pixie dust with its organic, chelated, mood-busting might.

For a complete list of the ingredients go to the Incredible Mood product page.

Pre-Sale:  August 27-Sept. 04 – Save 40%, Get Extra Goodies.

Incredible Mood is going to retail at $39.99.  We have an “early bird” price of $24 with free shipping for anyone who orders during this period.

After this period the pre-sale price goes up to $30 w/ free shipping.

To place an order please do so at the product page.

Extra Goodies:  $45 prize With Every Order, A Year’s Worth of Free Products And More

To entice you to give Incredible Mood a try we’re handing out lollipops with every order.

Allow me to explain.

  • Every order comes with a free $45 supplement called Creativity Juicer.   It’s a botanical remedy that allows for more creativity, imagination and lucid thinking.  It was developed by a friend of mine and I can vouch for its quality.  You can read more about Creativity Juicer here.

If you want to buy more bottles you get additional prizes thrown in:

  • Buy 3: Incredible Mood + Free Shipping + 2 Bottles of Creativity Juicer ($90 value)
  • Buy 6: Incredible Mood + Free Shipping + 2 Bottles of Creativity Juicer + Your Choice of One of Our Products ($130 value)
  • Buy 12: Incredible Mood + Free Shipping + 2 Bottles of Incredible Juicer + 2 of Our Products + Your choice of an extra product of ours OR a 1-hour skype interview with me on the topic of your choice. ($170 value).

To read more about the extra goodies for ordering you can read more on the product page.

And A Year’s Worth of Free Products

We’re also giving 1 winner a year’s worth of free products.  They can be in any combination of your choice and you’ll have the choice of getting them all at once or once a month for a year.

Winners will be drawn at random on September 30th and you can get contest entries in the following ways:

  • Like us on Facebook – 4 entries.
  • Share the Incredible Mood product page on Social Media – 10 entries
  • Every visitor your drive to the Incredible Mood product page – 2 entries
  • Every friend who takes one of the above actions – 10 entries

To enter the contest you must go to the Incredible Mood product page.

Other Important Info:

The extra-special early bird price runs until September 4th.  You can still pre-order Incredible Mood after this but the price will go up to $30.  Contest entries will be cut in half after this time as well.  You’ll still get free shipping.

We expect the product to ship either late September or early October.

Your credit card will be billed immediately because I think this results in the smallest amount of confusion.  This way people don’t forget about their purchase and have their finances inconvenienced a few weeks later when it’s finally available.

I look forward to this new product as I strongly believe it’s my most powerful yet and offers the most potential for disruption.

If you’d like to experience an all-natural way to calm down, reduce anxiety and alleviate the doldrums then please go check it out.

We’ll also be sending this post through e-mail so if you get this twice I sincerely apologize.

Have a nice day!


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      1. When it comes out we might be able to do a special job for you but it’d require a larger purchase size. However, our pre-order system isn’t equipped to handle international orders right now.


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