caveman interview

Prymal Interview: Living in the Woods, How Not to Talk With Vegans, and the Best Text Books

caveman interview

Recently did a podcast at Prymal Radio, which you can find here:, or on iTunes here:

It was with a consulting client of mine, and we were able to talk a lot about the different topics we ended up covering over the course of our work together.

Some of the mind-altering topics covered were:

1).  What’s the easiest way to get started in the supplement industry?

1 a).  More importantly, how do you avoid making an ass out of yourself if you’re not sure what you’re doing?

2).  What exactly is in whole food vitamins?

3).  The environmental benefits of synthetic vs. whole food nutrients.

4).  Reliable references for thinking through health and nutrition issues.

And more.

It was a good interview, despite sound quality that’s not always that great.

My only complaint is that sometimes I do this giggle that carries on for about 2.5 seconds too long.  I’ve been doing it a LONG time, but I’ve never actually had the chance to listen to it in person.

Until now.  Hmmmmm………..

But nevertheless, I think I do it 3 times at most, so that’s only 7.5 seconds of gratuitous giggling.  If you can stand to make it through one of my posts, you can surely handle that.

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