Introducing the Health Kismet Forums – For Entrepreneurs, Customers, And Everyone In Between

Good afternoon everyone.

New update I want to tell you about.

We now have forums for people who’d like to continue discussing things covered on this website.  You can see them here.

I myself am a lifelong forum junkie (mostly for topics besides health), and am quite tickled to have one of my own.

The origins of the forum began when I sent an e-mail to about two dozen people I’ve spoken with over the years about starting a supplement company.  The idea was to give them and myself a place to discuss issues and obstacles when going from point A to point B.  The supplement industry can be a bit lonely at times, so it’s nice to have a group of people to bounce ideas off of.

(If you were part of that e-mail and haven’t posted yet I’d love to hear from you).

The forums are being advertised here for two reasons:

1). If there are other entrepreneurs or industry professionals who I’ve spoken with, (or will speak to in the future), I’d love to hear from you as well.  Think how valuable it would be to have a sounding board and water cooler for all the things you’ve wandered about the industry.  For me it’d be a dream come true.  This is my attempt to allow that to happen.

2).  If you’re a reader or customer you’re more than welcome too. There are boards about general health and health kismet itself.  So if you have any questions about supplements, any service issues with one of our products, or questions before you buy, you’re more than welcome to come over as well.  Going forward I’m also looking to make this a repository for customers to easily get questions answered.

You can get there by going to the “tools” tab in the toolbar and see a link for it there:


The easiest way to get started is to say hi in the introduction thread, and you can browse the boards for manufacturing, sourcing, general business, general health, and health kismet related issues.

The page to register is here:

This is just a seedling right now, with only a few conversations started, but hopefully with the appropriate amount of time can sprout into something more valuable.

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