Friday Night Video: Is Sugar A Toxin?

This video’s a nutritional classic and is maybe the most important piece of media for painting sugar in the appropriate light.

This video covers:

  1. The health perils of too much sugar, and why it might single handedly be responsible for the obesity epidemic
  2. Why fructose in particular is fattening and more toxic than the less harmful sugar glucose
  3. Why sugar might need to be considered a poison on par with alcohol and cigarettes

He also tells a good story and ties in politics, world history, and quite a bit of nutrition science.  It gets a bit wonkish, but in my opinion the conversation is always accessible.

What do I think he gets wrong?  I think he over emphasizes the importance of fructose.  He calls fructose the “bad sugar” and glucose the “good sugar”, but he overlooks the fact that most fructose is converted into glucose in the liver and it stimulates the same insulin response.

And high fructose corn syrup is almost identical to regular table sugar nutritionally so a shift from one to the other is not important.


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