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How To Use Incredible Berries and Incredible Greens Together

Since Incredible Berries came out a lot of customers have asked about how to use it together with Incredible Greens.

The products were designed to compliment one another so that you get unique health benefits by taking both, but are deliberately similar in principle so they both fulfill a similar core set of health functions.

What this means for you is that it’s best to take both together, but if you find that you like one more than the other you can use it as a substitute and still get a large portion of what the other has to offer.

Hopefully this diagram sheds light on how the two interact with one another:

incredible greens berries

The comparison page goes into more detail about what they do and don’t have in common.

Common Questions

Here are the questions I get most frequently:

Can you use them together?

Yes.  You can take them both at the same time, on the same day, or you can alternate them every other day if that’s what your wallet requires you to do.

No, not really.  Remember that the two products don’t share very many ingredients in common.  Only three out of more than 80 total.  So you can’t OD on my superfood powders 🙂 (Unless of course you have an allergy to one of the ingredients).

What’s the best way to take them?

I’d recommend taking one first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other later on in the day for a snack.

You can also mix them together in the morning for a breakfast shake.

If your wallet requires that you get as much mileage out of the bottles as you can, it’s okay to take the berries one day and the greens the next.  It’s not quite as potent, but still very good for you and it’ll let your stock last twice as long.  Just make sure not to let them sit out too long while opened (using a bottle within 60 days is best).

How are they different?

When it comes to the ingredients, they’re quite different.  They both have acerola, lecithin, milk thistle, and spinach, but nothing else.  By weight they’re about 5-10% alike.

However, they were both formulated using the same principles so their health benefits share more in common than the ingredient list alone would suggest.

To put it in perspective, imagine the difference between eating a bowl of berries every day for a month and eating a salad every day for a month.  They’d both be very good for you and provide similar types of micronutrients, but over long periods of time simply having one would create holes in your diet that the other could fill.

It’s the same thing with Incredible Greens and Incredible Berries.

Overall I’d say they’ll provide 70% of the same health benefits for most people, with the remaining 30% being differentiated due to their different ingredients.

Of course since they really share little in common with their ingredients, it’s entirely possible you might have very different results with one instead of the other.  But for most people I suspect this isn’t the case.

New Products Will Be Made In A Similar Fashion

I’m an ol’ fashioned superfood kinda’ guy, and my future products will share similar design principles with Incredible Greens and Incredible Berries.

This means the ingredient list will be comprised of several dozen condensed food powders, but careful attention will be paid to make sure they don’t overlap so people get something unique with each one.

The next three in the pipeline are:

  1. A purple superfood powder.   A combination of super high end ingredients like acai, noni, goji, and camu camu in a base of purples like eggplant, beets, cabbage, and purple carrots and other roots.
  2. An energy drink.  Will only be mildly caffeinated, and will consist mostly of orange foods, like squash, citrus and sweet potatoes, with a large helping of raw coffee beans, yerba mate, matcha green tea, and various types of ginseng.
  3. A rainbow mix.  It’ll condense the best parts of the green, red, purple, and orange products into one if all these colors are getting to be too much 🙂

I’m always curious to find out what you think of this, so make sure to give me your thoughts below!

10 thoughts on “How To Use Incredible Berries and Incredible Greens Together”

  1. jonathan those other products sound……incredible! I’ve been using both from my last order and am very happy with both. the berries powder has a strong strawberry flavor which I really like. so far i’m using them every other day to make my two bottles last two months. thank you for your great products!


  2. I like the sound of the purples. I was a little disappointed Incredible Berries didn’t have any noni or goji since I’ve read they’re very healthy for you so I’m glad the next one is going to have them. When will it come out?


    1. Ron,

      It’ll be out sometime in the first quarter of next year if all goes according to plan. As for the lack of ingredients in Incredible Berries, they were designed this way beforehand so there wouldn’t be too much overlap. The purple powder is going to have less ingredients, but they’re going to be more concentrated with harder to find ingredients.

      But ya know…..Incredible Berries DOES have 40+ ingredients in it. So it’s not like I was holdng out *too* much!


      1. Ron…

        Would taking all 3,,,IB + IG + the new Purple one… every day be too much?

        Also…any idea when the Rainbow one might be available? It sounds like a good idea.




      2. If you meant to ask “Jon” this question…

        No, taking all three wouldn’t be too much. Again, almost all of the ingredients are different so you could combine the three. And there’s nothing in any of the powders, at the doses you’d be taking them at, that’d be harmful unless you have specific allergies.

        If you wanted to do some substituting, you could take the greens w/ one of the berries and/or purple, since their “types” of ingredients overlap the most.

        The rainbow powder is probably about a year out, to be honest.

        Future products right now are:

        Energy Drink
        Meal Replacement Powder

        In that rough order.

        Let me know if you have any other questions!


      3. Jon!

        Thanks for the speedy reply. I am amazed with the IG and IB…I have been enjoying the IB in the morning and IG in the afternoon. I have noticed an increased sense of well being, increased energy during the day, and better sleep at night. Whatever you’re doing while putting all the ingredients together…please KEEP DOING IT!!!

        I’m wondering if you have a projected target date for Purple to be available to order? Do you think taking all 3 each day would be counter indicated?

        Looking forward to trying Purple when it becomes available!

        All the best…and thanks again, Jon.



  3. Have been using the berries for two weeks now and am liking them a lot. Definitely have a nice taste to them, but Im not sure if I like them better than the greens. How do you usually take them jonathan?


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