What’s Next for Health Kismet

Normally I don’t like to talk about future plans very much because getting the “when” down is something I’m notoriously bad at.  The “how” ends up being pretty predictable in the long run, but I always underestimate the cost of implementation.

However, I’m going to put my foot in my mouth go out on a limb and talk concretely about future plans because some look like they’re close enough to completion that I feel comfortable discussing them in an open venue.

New Site

I’ve had a year of feedback and Q and A’s to get a good grip on what I’m not covering with the current rendition of the site.

I’m proud to say that it’s more informative than many other supplement sites out there, but where it’s lacking is its inability to provide insight into how the product is made and what quality controls are exercised throughout the supply chain.

Supplement customers are naturally suspicious of health claims made by supplement retailers, and want to connect the dots between the benefits of the starting ingredients and what’s going to happen inside their bodies.

I’ve been steadfastly writing about this for the last year, but the material isn’t very well organized. The new site will take all of this existing information and tightly wrap it around the questions lots of customers have and really thoroughly answer them.  

It’ll also have quite a bit of artistic whizz-bang that I couldn’t code up myself.

To see the “baby” version of the new site go here: http://test.healthkismet.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/

Estimated time to completion: probably 2-3 weeks.

New Product!

Finally, I’ll be adding a second  product to compliment Incredible Greens.  Ideally this would’ve happened about 6-9 months ago, but those are the breaks.  The current formula is still a moving target, but I’ve settled with a manufacturer and we’re pretty close on a version 1.0 of the product.

It’ll be similar to Incredible Greens, but focus on a wide spectrum of red berries.  It’ll have a wider variety of ingredients, a taste that will be more appealing to many, and won’t have the same potential problems for people with very sensitive allergies.

It’ll appropriately be called Incredible Berries.

If all goes well, additional products should come out at a quicker pace.  3-6 month intervals if things go well.

I have tentative formulas and agreements to begin an additional 5-6 products, which include a meal replacement, multi-vitamin, probiotic, and purple superfood powder.

The devil’s in the details, but hopefully the product development cycle will begin to accelerate.

Estimated time to arrival: 6-12 weeks

New Educational Material

One of the best decisions I’ve made with Health Kismet is allowing people to name the price they’d be willing to pay for the product.  It’s given me the chance to read a lot of interesting emails and gather detailed insights about why people are buying different supplements.

The closest thing to a common denominator is that many people find themselves in complex medical situations and they’re buying supplements as a cost-effective  way to build bridges for themselves on their way from point A to point B.

In a sense, they’re arbitraging the differences in access, cost, and safety between supplements and traditional medication.

However, maintaining your health can simplistically be broken down into two types of activities:

  • Treating existing conditions with substances specifically targeted towards the problem (most supplements and drugs)
  • Making your body robust to future illness

In order to thrive you need to combine the two.  However, making your body robust is entirely about behaviors and habits, not stuff you can put in your mouth.

So to make a happy marriage between these two I’ll be releasing a 30 day video guide with daily tips on detox and rejuvenation through juicing and raw nutrition.  It’ll culminate in a 3 day fast for people who want to take the plunge. There will be accompanying meal plans customized for different health goals.

Its greatest strength will be its versatility.  It’ll be applicable to someone with any health condition, and hopefully a wide variety of budget and time constraints as well.

Estimated time to arrival: about 3 months.

Collectively I view these three endeavors as “Health Kismet 2.0”, and hope they serve as a platform for expanding the product line more aggressively (but not too aggressively!)

So, we’ll see……..

10 thoughts on “What’s Next for Health Kismet”

  1. Congratulations! I am eager to try out your up and coming Incredible Berries! The new site looks wonderful.


  2. I know as a customer, when I’m researching supplements, I always want to know what the effect is inside my body as well. Not just what the results will be from taking it, but what happens with my body chemistry and processes that causes that result.


  3. Your new site looks amazing Jonathan. I really like it. Congrats on your video guide too. I totally agree with the link between behaviors and habits and what better way to achieve this than by having a daily mail/tip to keep me going. I can attest to this 100%.


  4. Just order your product and look forward to reaping the benefits. I also look forward to your new products. If this works out you’re going to have a customer for life!

    Congrat Jonathan


    1. Lalo,

      Thanks for writing and I hope you like it! Let me know with any feedback you might have. All the best,



  5. We love your Greens and just tried the Purple Dragon!! I would love to know when you come up with a meal replacement powder – and always up for being a tester!! 🙂 I currently use my Greens in the morning with my smoothie and everyone in our home from ages 4 – 46 agree that they are the best!


    1. Melinda – thanks! Hope you like them both. We’ve thought about doing a meal replacement powder, but are currently looking at something for mood stabilization right now. Appreciated your comments…thank you!


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