incredible greens serving

Latest Batch of Incredible Greens Has the Wrong Size Scoop

A quick update.

I’ve received some complaints about jars of Incredible Greens running out quickly.   It turns out this discrepancy was real and not perceived.  I double checked with the manufacturing facility and the scoop size being put into the jar was 20cc, when it ought to have been 14.7cc.

The 20cc scoop is befitting of a jar with about 350g or so in it, not the 250 or so that’s in Incredible Greens.  We double checked and there was not a shortage of actual product, just a difference in scoop size.

You can see a difference in the two scoops below:

incredible greens serving
difference in size between two ig scoops

In the next batch this problem will be rectified and should not be an issue going forward.  I do apologize if this caused some confusion.  It was a mistake.

And One Other Thing…….

Others have also asked questions about why the bottle is partly empty when they buy it.  This isn’t a mistake or an accident, but a byproduct of how it’s made.  The jars are filled by weight and not by volume.  The volume of a powder is very different when it’s manuactured than when it’s had time to settle for a few weeks.

When powders are manuactured they look like an aerosol.  On the manufacturing floor itself there’s usually a vapor in the air that’s all over the room when the product is being made.  So when the jar is first filled it is filled all the way (or at least most of the way) but over time it begins to condense and settle.

However, I’ve received enough commentary about it to address the issue going forward.  For our next product more attention will be paid to making sure there’s a better impression when the bottle is first opened.

Onwards and upwards!

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