all day energy greens

All Day Energy Greens: Its Benefits, Its Drawbacks, and Does It Really Give You All Day Energy?

all day energy greens
How much energy does all day energy greens give you?

From the comments in the Green Superfood Powder Buying Guide: 

Hi Jonathan. I’m pretty new to your site. I really enjoyed your review of Vitamineral Greens.
I was wondering if have or could review another green product called All Day Energy Greens by Institute for Vibrant Living. I would be most appreciative.

All Day Energy Greens is made by a company called the Institute for Vibrant Living and from what I can tell is one of its most popular products.

What are its most unique qualities? Does it really give you all day energy? 

Let’s find out!

Disclaimer: I do not work for the company in this article and my opinions are solely my own!  Any advantages or disadvantages I mention should not be taken as gospel and are merely my own opinion.  I make a similar product, but write to provide consumer clarity, not demonize, proselytize, or mislead. 

What’s Best, What’s Not

all day energy greens label
the all day energy greens label

Overall I liked All Day Energy Greens quite a bit.  It’s a solid product and I can see why many people have been using it for a long time.

Overall here’s how I’d surmise it’s strengths and weaknesses:


  • Great taste!  It’s mildly fruity, mixes well and has a touch of sweetness.  I would guess the hints of fruit come from the raspberry leaf and carrot juice found in the product, the latter of which is one of the most prominent ingredients in the mixture.
  • Good mix of nutrients.  It has grasses, algaes, enzymes, medicinal and energetic herbs.  The only major “superfood group” it’s missing out on is probiotics.


  • No probiotics.  For a mixture that has everything else,  this omission is a little puzzling.  Given the rest of its ingredients this seems like a superfood powder that strives to be  an all-in-one mix, and probiotics are an important piece of the puzzle.
  • I didn’t notice a particularly large boost in energy compared to other greens powders that I take.  I still felt more energetic, but I’m not sure I’d describe the increase in energy from All Day Energy Greens as a comparative advantage.

Best Ingredients

scoop of all day energy greens
A single scoop of All Day Energy Greens is about 10.5 grams.

All Day Energy Greens has a nice variety of ingredients and there’s a lot to like about its list.  For someone looking to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the vast array of ingredients in greens powders I’d strongly recommend reading my treatment of the subject in the superfood powder buying guide.

With that said, here are the ingredients that I think are most unique and beneficial to All Day Energy Greens.

  • Damiana leaf – A south american shrub that aids sexual performance, relaxation, and is often smoked like hemp.  It’s a very unique ingredient that’s quite expensive and rarely found in superfood powders.
  • Royal Jelly – An ultra-nutritious excretion from honey bees.
  • Green Tea Concentrate – ECGC is an extremely helpful micronutrient, and its abundance in green tea is one of the reasons it’s such a powerful promoter of cellular health.
  • Yucca Root – An anti-inflammatory that was long used for tea and headache remedies by Indians in the southwest United States.  Admittedly the benefits of Yucca are mostly speculative at this point.  Its inclusion in this list is due mostly to its novelty and not its proven health benefits.
  • Adaptogenic complex – Siberian and brazilian ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and echinacea.  I’m a fan of adaptogens.

All Day Energy

Given the name of the product, any review of ADEG begs the question:

Does it really give you energy for the whole day? 

In this regard I was a little let down by All Day Energy Greens.  I did feel like it helped me with my energy levels during the day, but of the 20 or so greens powders I’ve tried over the years I’m not sure it stands out compared to other products.  (FWIW Vitamineral Green consistently gives me the best energy boost).

Looking at its ingredient list, I’d group the following ingredients in ADEG as “energetic”:

  • Ginger
  • Eleuthero root
  • Suma root
  • Grape seed extract
  • Green tea extract

These are all great ingredients, but they’re pretty far down on the list, meaning they’re there in lesser quantities than others like wheatgrass, lecithin, or some different fibers.  There’s nothing wrong with this, and not all that unusual.  The above ingredients are metabolically potent and most greens powders have them in smaller quantities.

But for a product that advertises itself as providing energy for the whole day I think it’d be reasonable to have them in larger quantities and/or contain more ingredients that are energetically potent, such as Camu Camu or moringa, or something along those lines.

Let me be clear – I did get a nice energy boost when I tried All Day Energy Greens.  I also don’t know the exact quantity of the different ingredients in the mixture, I’m just speculating!  But based on my own observation I think the product could be improved by giving it a little “wow!” factor on the energy front.

Health Benefits

Greens powders are useful for their widespread benefits.  They can help practically anyone.  This definitely applies to All Day Energy  greens as well.  As a general rule, here are the different health benefits and uses you can derive from All Day Energy Greens:

  • A little extra energy during the day 🙂
  • Perhaps an appetite suppressant depending on what other nutrients you get in your diet
  • Can aid in detoxifying the colon and blood due to the condensed green foods found in the mixture.

For a more complete list of how you can and can’t use greens powders read my article on commonly asked greens powder questions.

Uses and Recipes
green chia fresca
green chia fresca made with all day energy greens

One of ADEG’s biggest benefits is its versatility.  I really do like its taste and found it easy to mix with other drinks.  In my opinion it tasted fine in water and juice, and I also found it as a nice additive to tea.

The above  photo is from a drink I made called “Green” chia fresca.  Here’s how to make it:


  • 6 cups water
  • 1/4 c chia seeds
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • juice of 10 cranberries
  • 1 tsp green tea powder
  • 1 tsp stevia
  • 1 scoop All Day Energy Greens

Mix all that together in a pitcher and let sit for 2 hours.  It’s delicious and extremely healthy. For a complete list of how to use greens powders in foods read my article on the 19 different uses of Incredible Greens.

Where To Buy

From what I can tell All Day Energy Greens is sold in two places: on its website and on Amazon.

Here are the current prices at each place as of 12/17/2012:

IVL homepage: $39.99.

Amazon: $24.49.

Go amazon.

all day energy greens
a half empty bottle of all day energy greens

As a reference tool here’s a table that summarizes the different aspects of All Day Energy Greens:

[table id=3]

Like I said, I like this product, and it’s especially good for someone who prefers a lighter, fruity taste to their greens powders but still want a nice bouquet of nutrients.  It’d be good for just about anyone, but just right for that particular customer.   The name is a tad misleading, but that doesn’t diminish the overall benefits the product has to offer.

54 thoughts on “All Day Energy Greens: Its Benefits, Its Drawbacks, and Does It Really Give You All Day Energy?”

  1. thank you for your great articles. i need to go to bed (it is 3am here) but your articles are very interesting
    i started drinking garden of life raw meal replacement. if you get a chance can you review that? i just got started on green plant drinl last week and i don’t know if this is good choice for me. thanks


    1. tk, in general I think Garden of Life is a good product. It compares well to other meal replacement powders. The only caveat I’d note is that it’s more of a meal replacement powder than a greens powder per se.


  2. have been taking all day enegry greens for two days i have back and neck problems i can feel a difference in my pain level but not a real boost in my energy will reply back in a few days so far i would give it a thumbs up


    1. Lisa,

      Thank you for this input. Do let us know what you think of this product so others can make informed decisions for themselves. I hope you like it!!


  3. If my package of ALL DAY ENERGY GREENS ever arrives, I’ll probably leave a review. THEIR SERVICE IS SO SLOW… I never got a tracking number… Just WAITING…..


    1. Thanks Erica. Yes, please do share all your thoughts in the comments, it’ll help others make a more informed decision.


      1. I really like this product. It helps me to sleep better at night and gives me a little boost during the day. It took me almost 2 months to see the change but it’s worth it.


  4. I have been taking ALL DAY ENERGY GREENS NOW FOR ABOUT A MONTH, I have finished 1 container of the greens and 1 container of GO FRUIT. I have not noticed any difference in my energy nor have I lost any weight. I might be a hard case as I have thyroid disease, 2 ulcers, gallbladder disease, poly peripherial neuropathy from cancer chemo and kidney failure from 2004. I am in remission but have a lot of problems still. I was hoping the All Day Energy Greens would help. I had ordered 6 months of each. So I will keep trying.


  5. Just placed an order for ADEG…Have joint & muscle pain…Taking Liptor for high cholesterol…
    Never had muscle & joint pain, till I started Liptor 4 years ago…I’m hoping w/ADEG I can kick Liptor to the curb…
    I’ve been on lots of pain medications,but don’t help much…
    I have read about 100 reviews,& 95 of them praised ADGE…Can’t wait to get started…
    Thanks for your info….


    1. Hi Jocelyn, I was on Lipitor for over a year and had terrible muscle and back pains . I got my doctor to change to pravastatin and within days the pains disappeared completely. Since then I’ve spoken to a lot of other people who had the same problem and had their doctor get them off of Lipitor. Also my cholesterol is doing fine now after 2 years of pravastatin.


      1. Thanks for this comment Don. I find it all but impossible to keep up with different drugs coming out these days, so first person stories about what works and what doesn’t is incredible helpful.


      2. For Don, Any type of statin meds will cause muscle pain ( I know from experience). Be sure to take a good COQ10 supplement too because the statins will deplete it. Ask your doctor about this.


      3. Thanks Jay for these comments. I did not know anything about COQ10 and statins…..could you provide a few good links with info about this?


      4. was on liptor and had to get off of it .had severe muscle pains and could not climb the stairs.,getting off liptor put me back on track


  6. I have been taking all day energy greens for almost three months. I feel alittle more energised. I can’t se as it has helped me in loosing weight. It hasnt helped as far as regularity either. Are you suppose to only drink all day energy and not eat other foods? How long should you take it to see good results?


    1. Adeline,

      Thanks for this update. With these types of products and all their different ingredients I think it’s practically guaranteed that they’ll have different results on different people, so first hand accounts like this are extremely helpful. It’s not generally a good idea to take a supplement with no other foods. Just the opposite. Most of the time I think 1-2 months is a good time frame for giving a supplement a shot.

      How do you take it? When?


    1. Sis,

      I don’t know for sure but my guess is that it’s negligible. Due to a regulation called prop 65 many supplements needs to carry disclosures about having lead in the product, even if it’s a trace amount.


  7. I was quite enlightened by your critique on ADEG. I ordered a 30 day supply just to see if I would feel a boost in energy and I really can’t say I experienced any energy level boost. The taste, even with the minute sweetness, is definitely an acquired taste and I was glad it was only a once a day requirement. I definitely mixed it with only 4 ounces of water so I could gulp it down quickly. I am debating to continue taking it only because of its claim it provides 5 daily servings of fruits & vegetables. Since I do not always eat right daily I figured it would provide me with the nutrients I would otherwise miss out on with not always being able to eat a balanced diet. I have lost weight since taking ADEG, however, I don’t really know how much of a contribution ADEG may have made or not made since I do 6 miles on a treadmill daily a 3.5 to 4 mph pace in conjunction with my diet consisting of a packet of oatmeal for breakfast, a protein bar with 20g protein for lunch, a 30g protein shake after the 6 miler, and a packet of steamed broccoli,cauliflower & carrots as well as a can of soup for dinner. I don’t know how intelligent the diet is and why I am considering continuing with the ADEG for the 5 daily servings of fruits and veggies.


    1. Thanks for this comment. I always think first hand reports are great ways for people to gauge whether or not a supplement will work for them. Glad your weight loss is going so well!


    2. Mix ADEG with V8 V fusion.. I use pomegranate/blueberry. It helps with the taste plus you get the benefits of the pomegranate/blueberry.


  8. I have just ordered this product and wanted to ask, reading other things about the lead content should I take this or should I really be afraid to use this. Just sayin. Some have lost weight, and some have got the energy..


      1. John Gueli, experimentation buddy. You can substitute a fruit juice or flavored water for regular tap or bottled water to alter/change the taste of ADEG. Experiment with different juices or flavored waters until you arrive at one that suits your taste. I tried experimentation, but in the end just kept drinking it regularly with just water and became accustomed to the taste as I did in my younger years with coffee and beer lol.


  9. The ultra-conservative AMA has repeatedly stated ALL dietary supplements are AT BEST worthless & sometimes harmful. Yet the fraudsters keep scamming & the victims keep buying. I guess hope springs eternal…. something the scammers understand — the same way wolves understand sheep.

    Before wasting money on any of these magic elixirs ask yourself a simple question: If this stuff was even one-tenth as good as the vendors claim, wouldn’t everyone already know about it?


  10. Thank you for your feedback, I’m a 58 year old who’s diet kinda sucks.I take a probiootic, but if there’s something that could help me feel 10-20% better I would be very interested. I am on pain medication , and it takes away my in the afternoon I have a granola bar and one half of a vitamin pill.then in the evening I have a t.v. dinner, and a whole vitamin. I’m kinda lost, if you could help I sure would appreciate it. Thank You, MARK MEDICI


    1. To Mark: I found a med. that helps with pain. It is little known to doctors because there is no money to be made off it by big pharma so they don’t push it. Look up LDN or low dose naltrexone. Don’t just go ask your doctor about it. He will not understand and you will have to teach him about it.


  11. I’d like to know if anyone out there has tried Protandim by LifeVantage? I’ve been taking it for 4 months with absolutely no results…good or bad, so at $50/mo, I am quitting it.


  12. Order all day energy green 3 weeks ago, didn’t get it ;so I called customer service. they were out and waiting for back orders. I cancelled order. Not reliable, I figure product wasn’t either.


    1. I ordered thru Amazon and had in 3 days and it was $10 cheaper than thru ivl. Haven’t started it yet.


  13. It is also sold at The Vitamin Shoppe. My coworker swears by this. I noticed her skin was so nice and asked what she had done. She started taking this and noticed a difference in one week. She’s now on it three months and says her energy level is higher and keeps getting compliments on her skin.


  14. Hi Jonathan, I have been using ADEG for over 20 years & it has really helped with my previous fatigue issues, kept my immune system at peak levels (avoiding colds & flu, & any colds are usually mild), & possibly helped slow my aging process (as continue to look much younger than my peers at 53). Similar products probably do the same, but I have a locked in auto-ship price at $24 (for 1 mo supply) from years ago. QUESTION for you though: wouldn’t the addition of probiotics to the mix of such a food product shorten the shelf life, since you are introducing live bacteria, which can then feed on & taint the product? Also, since probiotics need to be refrigerated to sustain them, that would make shipping more expensive, as the product would have to be shipped in a special packaging with ice packs or dry ice, esp if shipped during hot weather. I wouldn’t trust a probiotic which was not kept cold. Personally, I just take a separate probiotic capsule, when needed, & that simplifies the matter. Thank you for your informative article.


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