berry smoothie

How To Eat Incredible Greens WITHOUT Tasting It Or Noticing It’s There

I believe one of the most distinguishing features of Incredible Greens is that it has a mildly refreshing taste.  At least as far as greens powders go.

However, it is a greens powder.  Raw green stuff can only be mixed in so many ways before you’re brought to a common denominator: green foods can be a little strong, distinct, and well,….green.

Lots of customers tell me they *like* the greenness of IG, but of course this preference isn’t for everyone.  You’d rather just take it and get on with your day.

If the latter paragraph describes you, then please read this article.  Here are five food ideas that you can use with Incredible Greens….without even knowing it’s there.

berry smoothie

1).  Berry and Cocoa based smoothies

A smoothie with either of these as the principal ingredients will typically hide the taste and overpower the green hues Incredible Greens might add to your food.  Mix with a banana for some sweetness and you’re good to go.  Even if you add a heaping scoop you shouldn’t be able to notice it.

There are a bajillion different smoothie recipes out there but one of my favorites is the Gingerly Banana berry from Vibrant Vegan.

tomato sauce

2). Tomato Based Sauces

The deep red hue won’t allow any green to show.  The rich taste won’t allow the grassy after taste to seep in.  If you’re making lasagna or a pot of spaghetti sauce.


3). Indian Food

Anything deeply spiced will overpower whatever traces of spirulina or wheatgrass might be lingering after you digest some Incredible Greens.  The spicyness will typically overpower any sweetness you might taste from the Stevia.  For anyone looking for a good healthy indian recipe I’d recommend Anjali’s chana masala.

vegan brownies

4). Chocolate Desserts

Cocoa conceals the presence of Ingredible Greens very well.  Some possible cocoa-Incredible Greens fusions could include homemade chocolate pudding, hot chocolate, or brownies and cakes.  There is a big difference between using something like Nesquik and using REAL cocoa.  The latter has a much thicker taste and is much more nutritious.  It’ll have a deeper color as well.  A favorite cocoa based dessert of mine are Lindsay Nixon’s black bean brownies.  (Although I like to add a little bit of stevia to hide the slight after taste of the beans).

lentil soup

5). Soups that use vegetable stock.

Wedding soup, vegetable soup, and/or minestrone are all safe culinary havens for Incredible Greens.  If you substitute IG for the vegetable base for the broth and add a little bit of salt then you probably won’t notice a thing.  I do this all the time and it works like a charm.  Try it and see.

So that’s what I do.

What recipes do you use?

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