vitamineral earth

Vitamineral Earth Review: Wholesome, Unique, and Balanced

vitamineral earth
Vitamineral Earth….like Vitamineral Green, but yet sooo different!

Vitamineral Earth is one of the most unique but least understood products from Healthforce.

It’s lumped together as an outgrowth of Vitamineral Green, but the truth is the product is more different than one would assume and has a list of ingredients and health benefits that make it unlike any other supplement out there, including Vitamineral Green and other superfood powders.

In fact, the more I studied the different products the more I came to appreciate  that the two have little to do with one another.  The most important of which are:

  • By my count they only have 2-4 ingredients in common
  • Vitamineral Earth has additional food based nutrients added to it (NOT synthetic)
  • Vitamineral Earth is cooked in a broth of miso soup and different herbs
  • Vitamineral Earth has seeds while Vitamineral Green does not
  • Vitamineral Earth has no grasses, which is very unusual for a greens powder (but not necessarily bad)
  • Vitamineral Earth has no digestive enzymes while Vitamineral Green does.

In addition to making it very different from Vitamineral Green I think the latter characteristics make it very different from any superfood supplement, period.

It’s worth talking about that in more detail.

Most Unique Features and Ingredients

In my opinion the most unique benefits of Vitamineral Earth are as follows:

  • Large Number of Rare Ingredients – Even as far as these types of products go Vitamineral Earth stands out.  Its ingredient list contains slippery elm bark, sheep sorrel, milk thistle seeds (not milk thistle), white oat bark, and marshmallow root, among others.
            A few of these even took me by surprise and when I went to research
            them was both taken back by their health benefits as well as their
            scarcity.  Most of them you can’t buy on Mountain Rose Herbs, which is
            one of the internet’s largest and high quality suppliers of unique herbs
  • No Powders or Juices – Lots of time the ingredients on superfood labels will be the juice or juice powder of an ingredient.  (For example there’s wheatgrass, wheatgrass juice, and wheatgrass juice powder).  Usually the raw, original form is the most potent and you’ll typically see lots of ingredients listed as “[X ingredient] juice powder” or something similar.  These are still very good for you but not as concentrated as the real mccoy (with the exception of the condensed powder).  Vitamineral Earth is one of the only superfood powders I’ve seen that has no juices or juice powders in their ingredients list, only the real McCoy.
  • Red Miso Broth – The ingredients are steeped in a broth that contains Miso, paprika, sage and chili powder.  Food based vitamins will often be steeped in a broth to extract the nutrients, but you’ll rarely see something like this performed on the powder itself.  I’ve never seen a miso broth used before, and I’d guess the addition of the broth helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Food Based Nutrients in Nutritional Yeast – Unlike Vitamineral Green, Vitamineral Earth  has nutrients like chromium, molybdenum and others added to the mixture.  They come from whole food sources, which is an important detail.  I’ve written about the differences between synthetic and whole food nutrients here.   Other powders also have this feature but what’s unique is that they’re made in a culture of nutritional yeast which provides lots of additional health benefits.  The only other superfood powder I know of that does this is Dr. Schulze’s formulation.  (Also a good product).

The fact that it has no grasses almost makes me slow to classify it as a greens powder.   Suiting its name, it’s really a mixture that combines different seeds of the earth.  I might even go so far as to call it the most unique product in the superfood powder segment.  That doesn’t make it the absolutely best choice for everybody, but given its high quality of ingredients it’s definitely a compelling choice for someone who prefers a robust superfood mixture.  (As opposed to a balanced or simple mixture).

Taste, Texture, and Mixability

vitamineral earth powder
Vitamineral has a very smooth texture

Vitamineral Earth is distinctly aromatic.  If you didn’t digest it you could almost use it as an air freshener.  It has strong scents of cinnamon and paprika. The taste itself is very smooth and lacking in distinguishing characteristics.  It has no stevia, and is very neutral.

For this reason it’s very well suited as an addition to other drinks, particularly ones with flavors like vanilla, chai, or cinnamon, which helps accent its unique combination of herbs.

By itself I found that it had little to no flavor.  No bitterness, “greens” after taste,    sweetness, or anything else.  Its texture is very soft and smooth, and has a noticeably lighter color than Vitamineral Green.  Here’s a picture of the two compared side by side when mixed in water:

vitamineral green and vitamineral earth
vitamineral earth on the left, vitamineral green on the left

The only drawback I’d say about its flavor characteristics is that it doesn’t mix as well as Vitamineral Green.   The particle size is larger and usually collected at the bottom when I mixed it with water or almond milk.  I would guess this is because the mixture makes heavy use of different roots, which don’t always dissolve well in liquids.

For example, I regularly mix eleuthero root into my tea in the morning and I noticed its texture and mixability was very similar to Vitamineral Earth.

Uses and Recipes

If you don’t mind a neutral tasting drink then you can definitely mix Vitamineral Earth with water or almond milk.  The aromatic smell also makes it a good fit for mixing with hot water and drinking as tea.

However, by far my favorite use for this superfood powder was in a vegan “green” mint milkshake.  As seen here:

vitamineral earth smoothie
A minty vitamineral earth smoothie

Maybe it looks a little gross, but it tasted delicious! (What can I say, I haven’t mastered food photography yet).

The ingredients are as follows:

1C Coconut milk ice cream (you can usually get it in the store)

1/2 c vanilla almond milk

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger

2 tbsp Vitamineral Earth

I made this this morning and it was delicious!  Refreshing and creamy and I felt more energetic after I took it, but didn’t experience a headache or crash afterwards like I would with a normal milkshake.

Like I said, due to its mild hints of cinnamon, paprika and ginger, mild taste, and pleasant aroma I’d strongly recommend using it in drinks that are like this.

Price, Value, and Where To Buy

Vitamineral Earth is only sold in one size, which is a 500 gram glass jar.  It’s list price on its website is $59.99.  This might seem a little on the steep side to some consumers, but on a per ounce basis it’s actually quite affordable.  Many (most) superfood powders sell their bottles in 8, 9, or 10 ounce bottles and are actually more expensive than Vitamineral Earth if you price them by weight.

The price and dimensions of Vitamineral Earth are the same as Vitamineral Green with the exception that Healthforce states that 1000g of Vitamineral Earth is good for 50 servings, while Vitamineral Green is good for 30.  Each jar contains the same amount of superfoods, it’s just the serving size that’s different.

In my opinion it’s easily worth the price.  You’ve got a full recommendation from me.

Here are some different outlets where you can purchase it: 

Healthforce Website:  $59.95

Amazon:  $55.02

PureFormulas (best price):  $53.95

Comparison With Vitamineral Green
vitamineral green vs vitamineral earth
Vitamineral green on the left, Vitamineral Earth on the right

As I mentioned before, Vitamineral Earth/Green are very different products!  They’re similar in quality and price, but their ingredients are diverse enough that they should be considered separate products, and not bastard twins.

Here’s a handy table that breaks down all the relevant details about both products.  Let it guide you in deciding which one is best for you.

VitaMineral Earth VitaMineral Green
Number of Ingredients 31* 39*
Number of Ingredients in Common 10* 10*
Probiotics yes yes
Digestive Enzymes no yes
Grasses no yes
Seeds yes no
Food Based Nutrients yes no
Nutrient Broth yes no
Price on Website (1000g) $59.95*  $59.95*
Price on Amazon  $59.99  $60.53
Best Price Elsewhere  $53.95*  $53.96*
Taste Mild/neutral, very smooth and aromatic, hints of cinnamon Slightly “spiced”, slightly grassy, a little bit of an aftertaste
Texture  very soft, almost feathery, sometimes doesn’t dissolve entirely  very granular, almost like dust, dissolves extremely well

Notes About the Table:

The number of ingredients I included might differ from your own interpretation.  To make things perfectly clear, here’s the criteria I use:

  • If an ingredient is not listed on the main label, but simply as an “other” ingredient then I don’t count it
  • I count the different probiotics and digestive enzymes separately
  • I do not count any isolated nutrients In this case I didn’t count the chromium, molybdenum, etc in Vitamineral Earth because in my opinion it’s not technically a food (even though it does come from it)

Building on this, I considered the following ingredients Vitamineral Earth and Vitamineral Green had in common: The 6 probiotics, shilajit, and the Yacon and Ginger.  However, Vitamineral Green has ginger and yacon leaf. whereas Vitamineral Earth has yacon and ginger root . There are some differences between the two but I felt it was close enough to consider them the same since they come from the same plant.

***I wrote the prices on 09/21/2012***

It’s possible they may not be accurate at a later date.   If you notice a discrepancy please let me know!

6 thoughts on “Vitamineral Earth Review: Wholesome, Unique, and Balanced”

  1. Jonathan, I’m a new subscriber to your blog. I really like your information dense material. Originally I was in search of an answer to a question: which has better ingredients Green Vibrance or Dr. Schultz Superfood? One of your blogs cleared up the cost question but not the content question. Then I wondered about Incredible Green. Now you bring up Vitamineral. What is the best Superfood?


    1. Tim, did you read my superfood powder buying guide?

      Bottom line, I’d break it down like this:

      1). If you’re looking to maximize affordability then go with Amazing Grass

      2). If you’re looking to maximize taste then go with Incredible Greens

      3). If you’re looking to maximize nutrients then go with Vitamineral.

      All three of the latter superfoods do very well in all areas, but stand out in these particular areas.


  2. sounds great I will try as soon as I come to the end of my current journy 88 days 32what is this idea that 90 days is a cell rejuve time table?


  3. I’m a HUGE FAN of the HealthForce products and love the vegan protein, vitamineral green and drink both everyday. I make my vitamineral green as a lemonade. Love it. I tried the vitamineral earth for the first time and it does take some getting use to, texture and aroma-wise. Thanks for the tip for adding vanilla and mint. I would suggest starting out on the low side as far as how much you put in. I put in 2 tablespoons of vitamineral earth to make as a tea and quite honestly after gagging a quarter of it down, I ended up dumping it. Today, I will use much less until I find the right combination to mix it with.


  4. 3rd picture states both products are on the left. On the labels of these products you would see that the two together are considered yin and yang. They ARE different from one another because they complement each other.


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