A Response To Dr. Schulze

Just recently Dr. Schulze (the Herb Doc) wrote something about what I wrote about him. You can read it here.

I have no desire to be an internet tough guy, but most of this is self-inflicted so I’ll say a little bit.

Stupid Mistakes

About once a month I write different reviews of different greens powders.   I do it for the following reasons:

1). I take greens powders all the time and have a natural interest in them, and it relates to what I sell.

2). For commercial reasons I’d like this website to be the web’s premiere hive for all things greens powder related.  It’s a “Here Comes Everybody” kind of thing.

I have no desire for this website to be strictly a review website but it fits in well with everything else that I do at the moment.  Ultimately I want Health Kismet to be more than a greens powder, but at the moment it’s my starting point so it’s what I work with.  To anyone who reads them then I’d hope it’s clear that I try to be as helpful as I can and don’t use malice to sell my own product.  That’s dumb, and not my style.

However, when I first started I did make a few mistakes.

One of the powders I first wrote about was Dr. Schulze’s Superfood, and at the time this blog wasn’t terribly well read.

Here were my months traffic stats when I reviewed his product on May 15:

traffic stats for health kismet
Health Kismet’s traffic stats at the time I wrote the review for Dr. Schulze’s superfood

And here’s what they are now, 4 months later:

traffic stats for health kismet
The traffic stats for Health Kismet’s website 4 months later

I wasn’t careful when I wrote it and made a few editorial errors, which have since bubbled up and bit me in the ass.

They were as follows:

1).  I made mistaken assumptions about the nutrients in his superfood powder. They’re natural, not synthetic.

2). I took a picture of the product that looked idiotic.

Mistake #1 was a sin of ignorance, #2 a sin of naivete.  Should’ve been more careful.

A few months ago it was apparent there were some errors in the review and I re-wrote it about 2 weeks ago.   I believe the write up of the powder is now very accurate and complimentary.  If there are any errors then please let me know. 2 days ago Dr. Schulze responded on his website about the original version of the review.   He had a few choice words.

He was right in the way he defended his product and attacked the false claims I made about it.

In my endeavors I try to govern myself with two principles:

1). I try and make as many mistakes as possible

2). I hate stupidity

If I can get #1 with as little of #2 as possible then success is usually the inevitable result.  Unfortunately this was a case when the two co-incided.

So I messed it up, at least temporarily.   It was a rookie mistake.

I Like Dr. Schulze

Despite what some might think I have a high opinion of Dr. Schulze.  He’s obviously a guy who’s defined himself with strong principles throughout his life, and I’d like to think my career path will begin to look something like his.  Our methods and disposition are a bit different, but I get the idea 20 years ago he was in my shoes.

Which is why I’d like to help him and not hurt him.  He’s obviously a charismatic guy and he’s had a lot of earned success and people who evangelize on his behalf….and for good reason.

So, if you’re coming from his website and wondering….

“Who is this Jonathan guy?”  “What did he say about Dr. Schultz?” “What’s Jonathan’s take?”

The truth is I screwed things up.  Chalk it up to youth, and luckily I can take it back.  I have no desire to have my own business acumen come at the expense of other people’s hard earned reputation.

However, he did make a few statements which were inaccurate which I’ll correct here.

For a little convenience here’s a brief table of everything mentioned to make it easy to compare.

Dr. Schulze Says Jonathan Says
My superfood powder is all natural, with nothing synthetic You’re right.  I messed up, sorry.
He took an idiotic picture of himself with my product. You’re right, I messed up, sorry.
He probably makes Incredible Greens out of a bath tub. Not true.  It’s made in a cGMP certified facility.  Here’s the certificate.
I really think this guy’s a pussy! Come on Doc! Play nice!
The herbs in Incredible Greens aren’t all that great. I’ve written extensively about the health benefits of the herbs and ingredients in Incredible Greens.

If you’re coming from Dr. Schulze onto here and have any additional questions then feel free to reach me at jonathan@healthkismet.com.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming 🙂

31 thoughts on “A Response To Dr. Schulze”

  1. You, JONATHAN BECHTEL, ARE AN IDIOT! I have been using Dr. Schultze’s products for years and his Superfood is the purest and most effective supplement out there. He does not add synthetic vitamins and minerals like you claim he does. Your insecurities are obvious. Get a life and stop selling your trash.



    1. John, you’re right that I was wrong about the statement. It’s fixed now. If you feel this strongly about the issue can you take a look at what I wrote originally and tell me if there’s something amiss? I’m not being cute, that’s an honest request.


  2. I don’t think Dr. Schulze nneds to apologize or even reply toyou Jonathan…you are a jerk! I’ve been taking Dr. schulze’s products for many many years. And 99 of people I meet who are also into helath foods either have taken his products, or have heard very good things about him…unlike you, who are uneducated at health foods and are not very good at checking your sources and thereby misuuse your limited power. Maybe you should read up for the next several years before attempting to talk about what you obviously don’t know about.


  3. Hello. I just wanted to say that I found your blog through Dr. Schulze. I read his post and became curious. Now I’m a follower of your blog too. So not everything related to your mistake is negative 🙂 I find your blogs very interesting and will continue to read. Thanks!


    1. Thanks Natalie. The bru-haha with Dr. Schulze was self-inflicted stupidity, but I’m glad there’s at least something good that came out of it 🙂

      Thinking about the situation makes me think of something my dad would tell me if I was looking for advice on how to get out of a dilemma “Jonathan, believe me, if this is the worst mistake you ever make……”


      1. Only the penitent man shall pass!
        I would give anything to find Dr Schulzes Original Superfood Formula from 9 years ago. I am a stage four cancer survivor thanks in large part to Dr. Schulzes Original Superfood. I am currently diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome and would love to find the original Superfood Formula which Schulze no longer carries.
        907 707 8331


  4. I love Dr. Schulze’ s products, he is an honest and straight forward guy as I know it. I was led here also because I saw his blog. I have been taking his products for years and love them and am glad that he proved you wrong Jonathan, that to me is interity.


  5. Hello Jonathan,
    I somehow stumbled upon your website while searching for ingredient labels of a potential green powder product for myself and children. I read a couple of your articles and found this reply. I read your response and I read the letter from Dr. Schulze. I must say you have held your composure in a very professional manner. Unlike this “doctor,” you really held yourself together and apologized for the mistakes you made. Contrary to the many medical professionals whom I have met, that have made mistakes, erroneous claims, and almost killed or have killed their patients due to their dangerous dogmas. They fight, in such an ironically similar manner, just to protect those beliefs it’s uncanny. Especially those heavily entrenched in business, whether it be selling pharmaceuticals or supplements.

    Honestly, as a bystander, reading your article never gave me the impression that this product was bad. Actually it was quite the opposite. However, after reading the extremely unprofessional response from this doctor I could no longer endorse his product. I think I would rather stick with the “nutritional superstar products,” (which I have received MUCH benefit from) than purchase a product produced by him. And I’m sure many people are silently agreeing with me now.

    As for you “Dr.” Schulze, for someone who takes on a position as a doctor, there is a certain level of respect and integrity you should maintain when addressing others, particularly laypeople, with regards to a mistake, or misunderstanding. You could have definitely given a more eloquent response, rather than your knee jerking and proverbial pile driving.

    And just as a quick informational note. You say that fiber has little value in the human diet, yet there are multiple studies that would demonstrate otherwise. Fiber has been shown to increase quality of life, improve bowel movements, and help deter the effects of atherosclerosis. Now, I’m sure you know cardiovascular disease (CVD), coronary artery disease (CAD) and heart disease in general is one of the leading causes of death for Americans. The average American consumes approximately 15g of fiber (or less!), while the RDA is 30g. Low fiber intake may even be associated with behavioral disorders and aggression. This tip would be of great value to you, because it just might help quell the flames of your unrestrained anger.


    1. Thanks Rachel 🙂

      FWIW I did say a few things which were inaccurate, but the version on the website now has been revised.

      If your fiber comment is addressed towards me, I understand that fiber has a variety of health benefits, many of which are impressive.

      When I’ve written about fiber I’ve noted that it’s a nice ingredient to have in a supplement, but it usually costs less to source and is easily obtained through other food sources so it shouldn’t be considered essential.

      I put fiber in my own greens powder so I don’t refute its benefits, just pointing out where it stands relative to other ingredients that can be included.


      1. If we’re being really honest here, let’s just clarify that Dr. Schulze has never said that fiber itself “has little value”. Since it is already present in abundance in the ingredients in his products, adding additional fiber is simply not necessary. For instance, his lovely little Super Food Crunch Bar contains about a third of the daily recommended value. Sure, the guy has a strong personality. That’s the kind of person you want on your side if your health is challenged. And I think that’s what enables him to continue his work in the face of challenges like the above.
        Mud-slinging is not attractive from any source.


  6. Your comment “I’d like to think my career path will begin to look something like his” is nothing short of delusional to the point I’ll never come to this site again. Here we have someone who is arguably the world’s top herbalist who has devoted his entire academic and professional life studying and practicing herbal medicine not-to-mention a prodigy of the legendary Dr. Christopher and has rightly earned a position of utmost respect and authority in his field. Admiring him is one thing, making a comparison is an absolute joke at best.


      1. No need to play the victim/sympathy card – I realize there’s no rational way to defend such an absurd comparison. Jon, what exactly qualifies you personally to give advice in this field let alone make supplements that others will consume? Your “About” page contains zero credibility – no education, no mentorship, no experience – just a comment saying you enlist expertise of others. And if profit’s not your motive as you so nobly claim, then why isn’t this a non-profit? My guess is that you stirred controversy with a known authority figure intentionally to spike your readership and get on the radar. Well, if that’s the case it worked – but fortunately, for anyone with half a brain, there are actually professionals like Dr. Schulze who already have this area more than covered. I’ve seen enough people get hurt from taking health advice from unqualified sources on the internet so no, I cannot wish you luck in this endeavor. You appear to be a kind person who does want to help others, but that’s not enough for a thinking person to trust you with health advice or home made supplements. I wish you no ill will, but caution you to be careful in how you navigate this field – especially when other’s health and well being are affected by your writings and products.


      2. I read your response to DR Schultze and found that you omitted what you originally posted that led to his comments. These comments I will paraphrase from memory since I read your post about his superfood a few years back. First off, you mentioned that it tasted horrible and went on about how bad it tasted. Another comment was that it was made from synthetic vitamins. Then you went on about all the ingredients in yours and basically were insinuating that your product was better.

        Now you have added further comments that he supposedly said that your product was “made in a bathtub” then you go on to mention that he said ” ingredients that are in incredible greens are not all that great” . Now here is a direct link to his response from your letter to him.

        I fail to understand why you apologised but then go ahead and do the same thing yet again. Dr. Schultze denies that he even said bathtub but rather “kitchen” though I never read anything about “ingredients that are in incredible greens are not all that great” what anyone can read is “foods that you are selling are sprayed with insecticides, herbicides, have residues of synthetic chemical fertilisers, and then gassed with highly toxic carcinogenic and mutagenic antibacterial agents. It does not make sense to try and help people get well and POISON them at the same time”. Thus he is commenting on how your green supplement is NOT ORGANIC. “so until you go organic you are part of the problem”. Ps your certificate mentions nothing except that it meets FDA requirements as far as how much of each ingredient is in your greens product nothing about testing for various known chemicals or any organic products. Thus again this is misleading.

        I fail to understand why you now paraphrase his comments in a negative manner to give a completely different meaning to what he actually did write.

        Thus could you explain your comments of why you are continuing to mislead people and why you are attempting to make Dr. Schultze look bad?

        Especially in light of the fact that the non food source vitamins that you list on your ingredient list are not healthy (vitamin a, c, e, calcium, iron) as they are not whole foods and all vitamins found outside plant sources have toxic side effects. Even extracts of foods from plant food sources have toxic side effects ie beta carotene.

        Furthermore, green foods are foods and as such are best taken with foods. Thus the suggested preferred method of all green supplement foods is with foods ie in smoothies or fresh squeezed unpasteurised juices this eliminates the requirement of sweeteners such as stevia. Eating dried wheat grass (etc) is gross and for many so would be drinking wheat grass powder in a glass of water unless a good amount of some type of sugar is included.

        Now I suggest you take the Dr. Schultze challenge and improve your green product by removing non food vitamins, and non organic foods. In addition, it would be great if you directly quote Dr. Schultze in context and do not paraphrase his words into something that you attempt to capitalise on in order to sell your product.

        If you are truly interested in improving peoples health and not selling a product I expect that you should make some changes not only to your products but revise you web site yet again. In addition, if you make a decent product then people will buy the product but to mislead people into buying your product is not an honorable thing for a individual to do if they are truly interested in helping people. Therefore I challenge you to prove your dedication to helping people achieve health by directly quoting Dr Schultze in context and take the DR, Schultze challenge.

        Sincerely a herbalist.


      3. Look back at the beginning of the doc’s work. He made some big misstakes but learned from those around him.


      4. Schulze is not a medical or a naturopath. He is a businessman with a seemingly inability to field criticism with any amount of eloquence. I think Jonathan has already proved his integrity as a human being.


      5. Seriously? Schulze has saved more lives in the last 30+ years than almost anyone in this field. In fact, if you had done *any* amount of actual research whatsoever (rather than the typical knee jerk postings that the vast majority of the public make these days from a position of ignorance), you would have found that he actually gained his initial notoriety by healing terminal patients who the medical community had already given up on as “incurable”. Secondly he was a prodigy student of Dr. Christopher who was the accepted authority at the time in herbal medicine. The training he received was second to none, and his passion and work ethic to help others is what accelerated his success – it was a byproduct of his service to others that he became known, and the proven unarguable results which he achieved in doing so. All successful people have a crowd of critics – it’s human nature. I’d rather get my advice from a sometimes terse expert who has decades of proven results rather than from a super polite novice who has no education or training.

        And, for the record, Jonathan’s integrity as a human being was never in question – at least with me. What was in question is his credibility as a healer or supplement expert.

        Lastly, herbal medicine is deliberately not included in the curriculum of most US medical schools, so doctors are generally oblivious to this area of science and hence are completely unequipped to even comment on them. And those doctors who *do* wake up to fact that many natural remedies exist for chronic, degenerative diseases are handcuffed by hospital and AMA policy to ever discuss them with patients, lest risk getting their medical licence revoked.

        It’s a crazy world down here – thank God the remedies for virtually every ailment exist in the plants around us. Best wishes for good health to everyone.


      6. silly system…does not put posts in order after clicking reply.
        see comment above re Johnathan b


  7. I’ve just purchased several Dr. Schultz products upon the recommendation of someone. I was STUNNED to learn that with most of the regiments you have to take an EXHORBANT amount of product…the Intestinal formula #2 recoomends 10 capsules 5 times a day! What the hell???!!! 50 tablets a day? That is absolute insanity..how good can it be if it takes 50 tablets..thats scary and I dont trust it…


    1. Dawn – not sure where you heard you should take 50 capsules of Intestinal formula #2 in a day? If you take more than 2 in a day – you will like;y spend most of the next day in the bathroom.


  8. I think you did a great job with the sincere apology . It shows integrity, and while you make a mistake I think you stood up like a man and made it clear the mistakes you made. We have lived by Dr. Shultz’s products and believe we have helped people save their own lives by making critical changes in their lives and used Dr. Shultz’s products. We even visited his shop when we went down south. Thanks for straightening it all out! Teri


  9. Hello, I had high regard for Dr. Schulze’s products. I purchased the $400 detox package about five years ago. It worked well. I decided recently that I needed to do another bowel detox and should also purchase the superfood. I spent $116.98. I tried the superfood and my skin burned horribly, and I had a massive rash on my back, and my head/scalp was beet red and burned like hell. I panicked and quickly emailed Dr. Schulze via their contact page on their website to ask for advice, I was freaked out. The burning stopped by the next day however the itching continued, I looked in the mirror and the hairline of my forehead and my upper rightside temple was still beet red with tiny blisters. I immediately splashed cold water on my face to try to cool it down and see if the redness would go away. That was over three months ago, here I sit with a still very red patch of skin on my face. I was so upset, I sat at my kitchen table in disbelief that I never heard back from Dr. Schulze. I looked up and stared at the one time used superfood and the two bottles of bowel detox that I hadn’t even opened. I was too scared to even try them. I did research online to do something about it and read about the niacin flush. Okay, so that was what I had experienced, but now I am left with this scar on my face. I was so pissed that I wrote again to Dr. Schulze and let them know my story and that I wanted a refund. Not surprisingly, they replied by the next morning saying I had been refunded. I had also asked them why they hadn’t changed the potency of the product if so many people were experiencing this, some worse than myself. They haven’t answered that. I am thinking of seeing a dermatologist and I let Dr. Schulze know that I was going to send them the bill because I am 50 years old and have lived with an unscarred face this long and all it took was one try of their product and now I have to learn how to cover it up with products, I have to have a different hairstyle to cover it up and on some occassions it gets super red and burns and this is MONTHS later. I may have to get an attorney for this. I USED to have such high regard for this man and his products, but blowing me off and not providing any information about what could happen to people is simply UNETHICAL practice.


  10. Hi Jon,

    I have benefited greatly from Dr. Schultz formulas. His lung and nerve formulas are the best. I have panic attacks, and his products helped me. As far as super foods are concerned, I prefer Jordan Rubin’s formulas. I have many of Jordan products and love them.

    Please take care.

    Carla Corman


    1. Go to YouTube and search -Dr. Richard Bradley High Enema. Explain to me how this “Doctor” which is obviously Dr. Schultz, can justify his behavior while he gives a young woman an enema on the bathroom floor! I ended up here because the video is disturbing so I started searching the net. He obviously put the incorrect name on the title so his sheeple wouldn’t see his weird behavior. He has other accounts on you tube under different names also! Go ahead, do some research on this creep.


  11. I never had a problem with the intestinal formula # 2. I love all his products no side effect ever from his products the people who are complaining must not be doing the product right you need to read the instructions and follow them the right way also drink plenty of water.


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