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19 Ways To Use Incredible Greens

green foods
Incredible Greens has soooo many uses!

The ABC’s of Using Your Greens Powder

A common question I often get is:

“How are you supposed to use Incredible Greens?”

The truth is that you can use it in pretty much whatever way you enjoy it best.  This can include eating it raw or adding it to other foods where you may or may not taste it.

It can literally be used in anything, but as a general principle I usually use Incredible Greens under the following circumstances:

  • Uncooked
  • In dishes that are either sweet or creamy
  • In dishes that already have a strong color/flavor so that Incredible Greens doesn’t overpower the taste
However, those rules aren’t absolute.  You can use your imagination 🙂
If you’re looking for a little inspiration though, here’s an abbreviated guide on all the different ways you can use Incredible Greens.
incredible greens water
Incredible Greens tastes good all by itself

1). Mix It With Water.  Your satisfaction with this will obviously depend on how you feel about the mild grassiness of IG’s flavor, but it mixes well and has a fairly neutral taste.

Incredible Greens smoothie
Incredible Greens in a smoothie? Yummm!

2). Add it to smoothies.  Probably the classic way to use a greens powder.   In most mixes you won’t even know it’s there.  To get started, here’s a recipe for a green tropical smoothie that tastes great with Incredible Greens.  The smoothie from above was made by Kristi from Sweetly Fit.

3).Mix it with juice.  Have a juicer?  Adding about 1/2 scoop of Incredible Greens to 4-6 ounces of juice (fresh or canned) typically works well.  Here’s one of my favorite recipes to help boost your energy.

4). Add it to pancakes or other batter.  In pancakes and french toast a scoop of Incredible Greens typically goes unnoticed. Above is a video recipe of my favorite pancake mix.  (Made by yours truly!)  It’s got no flour, fills you up, and tastes great.  Depending on the recipe they may or may not change the hue of the food.

5). Green Eggs and Ham!  Adding about 1/2 scoop of Incredible Greens to scrambled eggs will give your eggs a colorful hue to your breakfast and help you relive your favorite childhood book!  The wonderful Heather Powers actually put this idea into action!

6). Mix it with almond milk.  The mild sweetness of most plant milks combined with the slight sweetness of Incredible Greens usually go well together.  In my opinion their after tastes are complimentary as well.  However, Incredible Greens might clump up a little bit in the mixture. 

incredible greens oatmeal
Try adding Incredible Greens to your oatmeal

7). Mix it into your oatmeal.   Oatmeal is a great place to fortify your diet.  Incredible Greens will change the hue, but the taste goes well with the oats, especially if you add in some milk and/or raisins and nuts.

8). Use it as a broth in soups.   This is one of my favorites.  If a recipe calls for vegetable broth substitute a scoop of Incredible Greens instead.  You probably won’t notice a difference at all.

9). Sprinkle it into tomato sauce.   The texture, color, and flavor of Incredible Greens will usually overwhelm the flavor characteristics of Incredible Greens, thus making it invisible.

10). Use it in cake and brownie batter.  Creamy and sweet mixtures will usually crowd out the presence of a greens powder.  If you’re looking for healthy ways to go down this road here’s a famous recipe for vegan brownies by Lindsay Nixon.

11). Massage it into burgers and sausages.  I wouldn’t have thought of this one, but a friend of mine who’s a tried and true meat lover thought it was a good idea.  In the same way you’d use meat tenderizer, sprinkle/massage a little bit of Incredible Greens into your meat before you cook it.

incredible greens milkshake
Turbocharge your shake with Incredible Greens!

12). Make A Milkshake.   Since Incredible Greens is slightly sweet adding it on top of a little bit of ice cream will work fine.  With some fresh fruit on top it’ll almost be like eating a salad 🙂  The picture above is from Kristi at Sweetly Fit (again).  This is her delicious banana-cado milkshake.

13). Add it to fresh fruit.   I’d recommend making sure the fruit has a little bit of moisture/juice with it, to make sure it gets absorbed well.

incredible greens skillet
adding incredible greens to whole grain dishes works well

14). Mix it with skillets and pan fried dishes.  If I’m cooking bulgur, lentils, quinoa, or some other grain that also includes a liquid I always a little bit of Incredible Greens as a base.  Here’s a facebook album of one of my favorite skillets.

15). Mix it with yogurt.  Half a scoop to a fruit flavored yogurt is recommended.  Based on feedback I’ve heard it’s best to stay away from chocolate concoctions.

16). Follow Health Kismet on Facebook.  It’s the most frequent place recipes are posted.  Often they’ll make their way into a blog post, but if I’m cooking and have a camera handy then the facebook page is the first place they go.  Click here to follow us.

17). Go to the “Recipes” Section on Our Blog  It’s the directory of all the recipes that are published on this website.  You can find it to the right under “topics” or you can just go here.

18). Add it to hot water  Drink tea or coffee?  Add half a scoop of Incredible Greens to hot water in the morning as a substitute.

19). Subscribe to Our Updates  If you’re just dying to get new recipe ideas as soon as they come out then subscribe through email or your feed reader of choice and you’ll find out about any new ideas immediately 🙂  You can do that here.

General Tips To Use Incredible Greens

Hopefully this list will be enough to get your imagination going.  If you’re venturing out on your own and need a few guiding principles then here’s what I’d keep in mind:

  • Due to the stevia added to Incredible Greens it’s slightly sweet, so it typically goes well with fruit or other sweet dishes
  • It has a grassy/malty after taste which might be a problem with lighter/broth flavored dishes.  For this reason it’s a good idea to added to dishes that are either thick, saucy, creamy or sweet.
  • Any dish that’s lightly colored will probably have its hue changed with Incredible Greens.  Whether or not you think this is cool or unappetizing is obviously a personal thing.

For the most part all the different ways I use Incredible Greens fall into one of the above categories.

However, I’m always open to new ideas.

How do you use Incredible Greens?  Are there any ideas I’m missing?

26 thoughts on “19 Ways To Use Incredible Greens”

    1. Bill,

      You can cook with Incredible Greens. The only downside is that the nutrients are currently not heat treated, so cooking them might degrade some of its more delicate phyto nutrients.


  1. I put them in my smoothies. Usually the ones where it will blend in and not look green lol. Like ones that use blueberries..


  2. Just met Jonathon on the phone and he seems like a genuine person and I was impressed with his quick responce to my question. I am 47 days into a juice fast, quit smoking and loose weight quest. Now that I am this far in, I am always looking for information as to what is happening to my body.Not much out there on juice fasting and quitting smoking at the same time. This was cold turkey on ciggs and used different juice formulas to detox through.

    I would like to connect with others who might be interested in doing the same or have done the same. I will share all my steps and results.

    If any one wants to get started here is my first stept. In the old fruit and veg. book by N W Walker the 1 grapefruit 4 orange and 2 lemon detox works wonders for quiting smoking. You go three days on the fast, drink as much as you want and smoking withdrawls will disappear. It makes qitting almost too easy at least it has for me.

    I am not looking to stop my fast/ transition 100% vegan any time soon so I have contacted Johnathon about his creation. I will give honest reports here as to my opinions. I hope it will knock my socks off like a triple shot of ginger.

    Looking to get my green in the mail, Jack


  3. Dear Jonathan, Jack here on day 49. I am thinking over the newest things I have added to my diet. garlic and apple cider vineger. I eat the garlic. but have started the vineger lemon and honey every morning and evening first and last thing I do each day. this has been for two weeks I wonder what you think . I will have my blood check on the 22nd my blood pressure is normal. all this minus the ciggs Just cant muster the will to exercise much though that has to come I know all though I walk about 2 miles a day still not much in weight loss I think in time that will take care of itself

    what about the vineger and the garlic added to the fast?


  4. Jonathan, Can you tell me what is happening in nside my body like cholesterol or kidneys cleaning out and what does that do for you. On a molecular level i should have detoxed a lot of stuff or oxygen to the brain increased. Any thing else based on what I have done the past 50 days you might expect. Going a little nuts for some info like that, I am not loosing weight but my face is no longer puffy my paints are loose I am never tired like before I dont need as much sleep most aches and pains diminished But not to sound annoying, people who say that usually are, but shouldnt there be some general idea what health benifits I can own for myself at the moment. Tired of surfing


    1. Jack,

      I’m planning on answering quite a few of your questions in the coming days. I have it on my calendar to go into this stuff in detail.


  5. great!! Here is my diet strong dose of vineger lemon and honey first and last thing of the day then I like a strong ginger apple celery followed with a large carrot mixed veg blend like the ingredients on a v8 drink only real I am allowed to juice at work so there might be a nother veg at noon but the afternoon usually turn to fruit drinks berrys Blue straw apples some times orange pears alot of cherrys lately in the late afternoon I like anther strong ginger for energy and to deal with the heat. When I get off work usually late 6 or 7 or 8 I will want a vegan snack avacado banana and chery smoothy Ill have garlic with my avacado or I will eat a mellon or some water mellon. All day I usually had raw almond and mix nuts and sunflower seeds to munch on. i am adding the green in morning and night the vineger is last befor bed. there has been a couple of citrus binges in there and alot of psylinum husk along the way the last week or so have grown tired of that and it seems ok The spellig is awfull but I just want to get this in for you to see I suspect the weigt not comming off is proably the large amount of juice i consume a day not concered about the weight loss that will come in time its the other stuff going on i am interested in 52 days


    1. Jack,

      Would you mind if I took this information and turned it into a case study? We could analyze the details of your diet, your different health benefits, and maybe use some pictures. It’d probably help inspire some other people.


  6. PB 8 probiotic has been suggested by my health food store but it just doesnt appeal to me have a bottle andd thinking of taking that back just from what i read not convinced


  7. green powder is so far fine for me to just mix in water i hpoe this is the most effective way to get benifits. I have read a lot this morning and am temped to take my snack nuts out. The exercise has to come into play and starts regular today.


    1. Jack, the most effective way to take the Greens powder is without cooking it. So long as it’s “raw” then you’re good to go. So mixing it in water is the most potent way to take it.


  8. ran/walk for 20 minutes, molly dog wanted to come in before I did. Today looking for a new kick juice, tried radish, it was great. Drinking greeen powder with water. I am taking enough stuff now to be busy all day. Lets see how the next few days go with the exercise and green powder, may be my weak leggs will strengthen!!


  9. sure the case study is fine I am lazy about pics and email but my daughter will help me with that I have a magazine article to send you with a great befor pic over 60 days ago I am willing to try any food or herb that will kick my butt working late today to tired to spell


  10. My own ph test For a long time I have gone by this, Tell me if I am close when lemon taste salty not sour you are alkaline. What do you think,


  11. ran over the car lot today in stead of riding the golf cart have fellt my lungs pushing there limit. Carefull not to sound too nobal here these are short sprints with little sweat but the stomach is becoming something i am ashamed of my leggs went years ago and getting them back would be years back. juice intake is massive veg in the morning and late on a berry blend delicious by the way green before bed and followed by psylinum husk which has been hard i dont like it than some time inbetween the vineger very tired will get a check up for work cursory i am sure but in a month i get my first physical in 5 years insurance kicks in from car gig will have dental and eye as well no end in sight at i think55 days tomorrow silly not to hit 60 I t appeals to me fast one day for you years alive i am 57 and not pure so its looking like 70 80 90 what ever


  12. work health check up today coincide at 55 days. here are the results bad cholesterol 152 200 is good HDL good cholesterol low at 27 optimal is 40 for male adults ratio is 5.6 should be 40 blood sugar is 90 as a non fasting because i am juiceing,, non fast is 140 as normal here is the rub body fat 28.3 i need to be at 11.32 At 6’2″ iam at 206,, BMI 18 to 24 normal Iam at 26.4 I like the Idea of one day for each year of my life 57. Its the weight I am pissed at Which I know is just exercise The other results are great though my risk of stroke and heart attack and diabetes are nill at the moment add quitting smoking and you have a pretty impressive beginning. Let the positive addiction continue till the money runs out!!!!!


  13. got my run in and decided to have my green on the rocks and it is much better for me even had a chocolate hint of taste one scoop a day though doesnt look like its going to last long. Trusting in you . Molly is tired we were out for 5 more minutes


  14. green and peach cider very good I want to up my dosage of green my old leggs may be showing some sign of regeneration


  15. another run 25 minutes tomorrow is one day for each year of my life greenn seems to have a strength i know you want more dramatic reviews but just not enough time to tell I DID CRAVE SOME GREEN TODAY so far my body has been driving this fast the last few weeks and that is a very good sign for green


    1. Jack, it’s no problem man. LOL, you don’t have to doctor anything. Good luck with the running. I also answered some of your questions about how juice fasting affects your cholesterol levels in the latest article.


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