Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance Review: Nutritious, Affordable, and Awesome

Green Vibrance
Green Vibrance is nutritious and a little foul tasting

This week’s review is Green Vibrance.

In retail stores the most popular green drinks are as follows:

These three products all occupy different niches in the greens powder area. Amazing grass is affordable, Macro Greens is more robust and has a great taste, while Green Vibrance has a selling point unique unto its own:

It’s an incredibly robust mixture .

For me this review will be quite fun because its mix of ingredients is very diverse and thus there’s a lot to analyze.

Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the company that makes this product.  Any opinions I state are entirely my own.  I own a company that makes a similar product, but  I write these reviews to provide insight and clarity.  In general I think all of the products I review provide remarkable health benefits, and if I point out a particular feature of a product it’s not to villify or idolize a particular company, but allow curious consumers to make the best choices.

Ingredients and Nutrition

The nutrient profiles of greens powders can usually be categorized in three ways:

  • Simple
  • Balanced
  • Robust

Simple mixes tend to focus on only a few ingredients and try to make them as high quality as possible. Dr. Schulze would be a good example.  Balanced mixtures have a more  diverse set of ingredients, and often strive to have a decent taste. Macro Greens and Incredible Greens are two mixtures that fit into this category.

Robust mixtures try and include everything but the kitchen sink, and often have 50+ ingredients that span across a very wide variety of nutrients. Vitamineral Green and Pure Synergy are examples of this sort of formulation.

Green Vibrance falls into the latter category. But unlike other robust mixtures its widely available through retail channels, and is quite affordable to boot.

Types of Ingredients

In my superfood powder buying guide I went over the different categories of nutrients.  Green Vibrance has a variety in all the major categories.

They are as follows:

  • Grasses: Grasses typically form the base of green drinks, and Green Vibrance has 5 different types.
  • Fibers: Green Vibrance has lecithin, FOS, flaxseed, and a few other long chain carbohydrates.
  • Enzymes and Probiotics: 12 different strains, 25 billion total in a scoop. That’s a wide variety, and the probiotic density is second only to Incredible Greens as far as I know.
  • Land and Sea Vegetables: Self-explanatory.  Has a decent amount and variety of both.
  • Herbs and roots: These are beneficial for their micronutrients and medicinal and performance enhancing properties, but can make some mixtures unsuitable for pregnant women.

Green Vibrance has 64 different ingredients, so there’s more than enough to spread out all over….and it does.

So with regards to the nutrients in Green Vibrance here’s the final verdict:

It’s a really complete mixture that isn’t lacking in any area.

The number of ingredients isn’t necessarily the best indicator of the nutriciousness of a drink, but it’s a decent indicator, especially if the nutrients tend to be high quality and are sourced well, and that’s true of Green Vibrance.


  • Most ingredients are either organic or wild harvested
  • All the grasses are “grass juices”, which I find are often better tasting and make formulations mix a little better.

What’s Different

There’s not enough space to talk about all the different ingredients in Green Vibrance. I don’t want to write the unabridged Encyclopedia of alternative medicine.

So instead, I want to point out some ingredients/qualities that are unique to Green Vibrance.

  • 5 Grasses. Many greens powders just use wheatgrass or barley grass. A few use three different types, but I’ve never heard of a greens powder that uses 5! The real unique one is Kamut Grass, which is a trademarked form of Khorasan Wheat, which is a little more nutritious than typical wheat.
  • Hydrilla Verticillata – Hydrilla is a hypergrowing weed that spreads very quickly in water. It’s like aquatic kudzoo. I’ve never seen it used in green drinks before, and am honestly not sure if it should be classified as a fiber or seaweed.
  • Gentian Root: An extremely bitter chinese herb that helps aid digestion.
  • Schizandra Berry: An adaptogenic herb found in east Asia. I’m a large fan of adaptogens, and think this is a fine ingredient to include in a mixture.
  • 12 Strains of Probiotics: Having probiotics in a green drink is not all that unique, but having 12 different strains of probiotics is pretty remarkable! Green Vibrance has 25 different colony forming units per serving
  • Phyto-Boron: On their website Vibrant Health talks about the importance of this nutrient.  Boron is rarely mentioned as an essential nutrient, but it helps testosterone homeostasis and vitamin D balance.

Taste, Texture and Mixability

As would be expected, Green Vibrance has a dark green color when mixed with water.

green drink
Green vibrance is a little bitter and doesn’t mix well

I found the texture to be a little bit on the coarse side, but this was only noticeable when mixed with water.

I usually add my green powders to smoothies, sauces, and sometimes dishes at dinner or lunch and when it was cooked with regular food I did not notice it all that much. In my opinion the taste is a bit on the salty side.  It doesn’t contain any stevia, so anyone who prefers their green drinks with something sweet might do well to mix it with juice or a little bit of sweetener.

Green powder
Green Vibrance is thick and granular, and has a coarse mouth feel

The texture is consistent and a little bit thick.  When I drank it in water I thought the taste was good enough, but would recommend putting it in a juice concoction or smoothie to someone just beginning with these drinks.

Cost and Where To Buy

On its website Green Vibrance is listed as costing $49.95 for a 30 day supply, which is 12.7 ounces.

However, since the Vibrant  Health company focuses heavily on widespread distribution the price varies by location. Here’s the cost of a 12.7 ounce of Green Vibrance at various online outlets:

Vitacost: $39.95

iHerb: $39.16

Vitamin Shoppe: $40.99

LuckyVitamin: $37.21

*These prices were written on 07/23/2012*

Who Should Buy Green Vibrance?

I think Green Vibrance is a great choice for someone looking for a robust mixture without wanting to spend a lot of money.  Because of its widespread distribution through different retail outlets it’s very easy to get a good price on a bottle, and the diversity of nutrients is hard to beat at its price.

Comparing Green Vibrance to Other Products

To help compare Green Vibrance to other greens powders, here’s a table comparing the most important qualities of popular brands.

Amazing Grass Macro Greens Green Vibrance VitaMineral Green Vega One Dr. Schulze
$/oz $3.29 $4.29 $3.93 $3.39 $2.33 $2.71
$/30 servings $28 $43 $50 $60 $105 $38
Mixture Type Balanced Balanced Robust Robust Balanced Simple
Taste Natural Sweet/mild Natural Natural Sweet/shake Natural
Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
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Important Information About This Table:

The information I used for this table was updated on 07/18/2012

To determine the $$/oz  I used the price off the company website

Vega One does not offer a tub with 30 servings, so I extrapolated the price from its bottle that provides 20 servings

The classifications I used for taste and mixture type are based on my own opinion are yours may vary.

25 thoughts on “Green Vibrance Review: Nutritious, Affordable, and Awesome”

  1. I received an Ad in the Mail recently for a similar? Product called ALL DAY ENERGY GREENS—I recalled watching a Video of the Dr Oz Show where rosie Odonnel used Green Vibrance. I noticed that ALL DAY ENERGY GREENS contains Echinacea, I am Curious if Green Bibrance also contains Echinacea. That is the only thinh holding me back on purchasing the ALL DAY ENERGY GREENS. I know that Echinacea is suposed to help the Immune System, But I recall reading that Echinacea should NOT be taken on a daily basis, it can help the Immune System, yet Hurts if taken on a Daily Basis. A person should take Echinacea ONLY when Ill. I have taken it when i have been ill with Bronchitis, but never daily. Does GREEN VIBRANCE contain Echinacea? if it does, i probably won’t be ordering. Hope you can Anser my question, Thank you very much. peggy cassidy Forgive my typos. thanks


    1. Peggy, I just checked here: and there is no echinacea in Green Vibrance. I’m not sure about All Day Energy Greens. However, in most greens powders the echinacea is there in fairly small doses….not enough for it to have a medicinal effect all on its own. Most of the herbs in greens powders can be dangerous if taken in too large of doses, but most have less than 100mg in a serving, so it’s not much of a problem. Above 400-500 mg of concentrated herbs is when you start to run into trouble. Personally I wouldn’t use the potential danger of echinacea as a reason not to buy one product or the other.


  2. my thoughts on ‘green’ powders is: the amts of those products, whether it be pectin or this or that is sooooo small…i mean do they really add up to any affect on one’s body, other than making it onto a lengthy list on the product?


  3. Hi…I recently bought this product and as a post menopausal woman……..wondered if the 3.74mg of iron was more than I should have????????will try to contact them tooo thanks for the review..suzanne


  4. I have a question about Green Vibrance. I am Gluten sensitive, and am on a gluten free diet. If the grasses in the green juices are harvested before going to seed, there are no glutens, because the protein is in the seeds. My question then is this: are the grasses used in Green Vibrance harvested before they go to seed sometimes, usually, always or never? Thanks.


    1. Judith, grasses don’t typically have gluten in them, and I believe GV is gluten free so I don’t believe you’ll have any problems there. I don’t know when the grasses were harvested…..but again, I don’t believe this to be an issue regardless.


  5. Green Vibrance is the original Concentrated Green Superfood. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that improves energy and endurance, strengthens immunity, improves digestion and circulation. Green Vibrance has more nutrient density than any other green-food product on the market. It contains 58 certified organic, concetrated foods and extracts, all of the highest quality, along with an industry-leading 18 billion probiotics per serving.
    Low Price


  6. I was going to order Green Vibrance but one of the commenters mentioned alarming results from an independent lab:

    I cite: “One supplement, Vibrant Health’s “Green Vibrance” product, contained roughly 24 micrograms of the carcinogen arsenic per .4-ounce serving, which far exceeds the 10-mcg-per-34-ounce safety limit established by the Environmental Protection Agency.”

    I would love to hear your thoughts about this?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Annette,

      I don’t know that it’s specifically designed to combat MS, but it’s designed to support general health, and to this degree it could still help with that.


  7. I saw that there was a recent recall on Vibrant Greens. Do you know if the problem has been worked out? I have tried Amazing Greens and Garden of Life and am trying to decide between Vibrant Greens, Greens First and Healthforce Vitamineral. Any thoughts about which one you think is better? Thank you,


  8. This product is amazing! I have an undiagnosed medical problem (mimics the symptoms of Fibromylgia) and the only thing that helps is a lot of sleep (at least 8 hours per night) and Green Vibrance. I have been drinking it once daily for over a month. If I skip a few days the pain comes back; when I drink it, it relieves about 80% of my pain. I think it also reversed some pre menapausal symptoms that I was having.


  9. It says, Most, ingredients are organic. Looking quickly, u have to know what form of b12 is it cynacobalamin. Also where is the indiv. Nutrients sourced


  10. I read that this contained arsenic or heavy metals when tested by some lab(consumer lab I think?), any thoughts?


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