sold out

Incredible Greens Is Sold Out!

Quick Update.

Our sale that sold Incredible Greens for $24.99 went a little better than expected.

That’s great, but it also means our inventory went dry much faster than we anticipated.

Our new order is on it’s way so the problem will be rectified before too long.

Here are the relevant details:

When Will Incredible Greens Be Available Again? 

Probably sometime between June 27-July 10. It will depend on the exact details of when it’s ready to be made.

How Will I Know When Incredible Greens Is Ready Again?

It will be announced on our blog, and we’ll also send an email out to our mailing list.

I Have Questions About Ordering/Availibility, Etc, Where Should I Go?

Please just go to our help page and get a hold of us there.

You can also e-mail jonathan at

Sorry about the inconvenience….but thank you for all your support!

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