Macro Greens Jar

Macro Greens Review: A Great Tasting Greens Powder

Macro Greens Jar
Macro Greens is a solid superfood powder

Macro Greens is one of the oldest greens powders on the market. According to its website it was created in 1996 and is the work of Sylvia Ortiz and Dr. Edward Wagner. It was created to help Sylvia’s son when he was experiencing serious health problems.

It was one of the first greens powders in retail stores, and has gained quite a bit of distribution because of its strong flavor and unique ingredients.

Let’s take a look at this time honored greens powder and find out what its biggest benefits are.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Macro Life Naturals.  Any opinions I state are entirely my own.  I write these reviews to provide insight and clarity. In general I think all of the products I review provide remarkable health benefits, and if I point out a particular feature of a product it’s not to villify or idolize a particular company, but allow curious consumers to make the best choices.  


Macro Greens has a variety of unique benefits compared to other greens powders.

What’s good about Macro Greens?

  • Great Taste!  Macro Greens is perhaps the best  tasting greens powder I’ve ever tried.  It’s very light with no bitter after taste.  Mixed in water I think it tastes very good.
  • Unique Combination of Nutrients. I’ll get more into this later, but Macro Greens has quite a few herbs and roots which IMO are some of the most nutritious you can find in superfood powders.
  • Nice Texture and Mixes Very Well.  Macro Greens dissolves very well and has a sweet after taste to it.  With other greens powders you might put it in a smoothie to hide the flavor, but with Macro Greens you can add it because it improves the flavor. Very unusual.

Would I buy it?


It’s a good powder, especially for someone looking for something that they can drink on their own.

So if you’re the type of person that has to hide a gag reflex when you try greens supplements then Macro Greens comes with the highest recommendation.


The best part about the ingredients in Macro Greens is that there’s a wide variety exotic herbs and greens that are uniquely nutritious.

Here are my favorites:

Licorice Root: Licorice root has seven different compounds inside it which have shown to be remarkably effective at reversing different strains of cancer.  The most prominent one is glycyrrhizic acid, which also gives licorice its sweet flavor.

Astragalus:  Astragalus helps keep your DNA healthy.  How cool is that?

Green Tea Extract: Concentrated green tea means you’re getting a hefty dose of catechins, which are some of the most beneficial compounds in the plant kingdom.

Barley Grass, no Wheat Grass: Greens powders very commonly have wheatgrass, and sometimes also contain barley grass, alfalfa grass, or Kamut grass as an addition.  However, Macro Greens only uses barley grass, which has  the benefit of being slightly more alkaline than others.

Aloe Vera Leaves – You don’t see this ingredient very often, but Macro Greens has 600 mg in each serving.  Aloe vera leaves have a variety of unique nutrients which might be useful in wound healing and improving the circulatory system.

Spirulina and Chlorella: It’s fairly common to see these in greens powders…..and that’s a good thing.  They’re packed with all sorts of life enhancing phyto nutrients..

Acerola Berry: Acerola is the amazonian berry everyone’s forgotten about.  It’s a more potent anti-oxidant than acai, and is absolutely delicious to boot.

Ginger root: Despite its familiarity, ginger is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet. It’s been used in herbal remedies for many centuries because it helps curb inflammation and boost the immune system.  It’s a true superfood.

Overall Macro Greens scores very well as a “balanced’ mixture.  It has greens, algaes, probiotics, enzymes, natural fibers, and a nice blend of medicinal herbs that are all but impossible to find elsewhere in your diet.  You can go here for a complete list of its ingredients.

The fact that it combines these nutrients into a powder that tastes so good is a remarkable benefit and what separates it from other greens powders in the market.

Macro Greens superfood powder
The Macro Greens bottle when opened

Taste and Texture

Macro Greens does very well in both of these categories.

Due to the berries and stevia the taste is mildly sweet and has a nice after taste. The mixture isn’t grainy at all, and mixes very well with water and juice. The taste is mostly neutral, but with hints of berry.  On its own I think it tastes very refreshing and mixes very easily with other liquids.

If you were creative, you probably think of a dessert to add it to.  Maybe a greens ice cream?

As you can see in the picture below, the particles are very fine, and mix very well:

greens powder
Macro Greens mixes very well

 Value, Price, And Where To Buy

On its website a 30 day supply of Macro Greens costs $42.99, for a 10 oz bottle, making it $4.29 an ounce.

To see how this compares to other greens powders that are currently for sale, I’d recommend you go to the comparison chart that’s at the bottom of my review of Green Vibrance.

If you’re looking to just “try it out” you can buy their their products in sampler packs.  If you’re curious to try out their line of products I’d recommend getting their all-in-one sampler for $10.00.

Though the full retail price is $42.99 (as of 07/27/2012), it can frequently be bought for less at other outlets.  Here are the prices for a 30 day supply at various outlets:

Amazon: $29.74

VitaCost: $29.27

iHerb: $23.62

LuckyVitamin: $23.99


So a question I get a lot is

“How should you best use a greens powder?”

In the case of Macro Greens and for green drinks in general, I’d recommend the following courses of action:

  • try it with water to see how you like it without any additives
  • add it to juice or a smoothie if you don’t care for the taste all that much
  • start to experiment with adding it to other traditional dishes, like pasta sauce or soup broth

One of the benefits of Macro Greens compared to other green drinks is that it’s an unusually good mixture to add to other foods due to its highly agreeable taste.


Macro Greens has a unique mix of nutrients, and tastes great. 

It’s perfect for someone who’s looking to find a greens powder that has an enjoyable taste.  On a weekly basis I get emails from people asking about greens powders that taste good, and I always suggest Macro Greens.

It’s value is especially pronounced when you buy them at discounted supplement websites, where you can usually find a pretty good deal for less than $30.

So there you go.

And regardless of whether or not you’re considering Macro Greens or some other brand, I highly recommend you take control of your health and take advantage of the healing powers of raw green superfoods today!

17 thoughts on “Macro Greens Review: A Great Tasting Greens Powder”

  1. i just started to use macro Greens, which i bought at the gym i belong to, i have one tablespoon in 6 ounces of water, and i cant tell you how good i feel just after 2 days of using it. not only does it taste real good, BUT i find the overall energy, and just feeling soooo good, has me soooo excited!!!! im tyring to get alll of my family members on it, and cant say enough postive things about this product. As someone who is always tired and worn out, i usually go to bed at 9;00 pm everynight, BUT now i find myself staying up until 10;00 and im still not tired. I strongly urge any of you to try it…you WONT be sorry……..


  2. I. Bought my macro greens at grocery outlet and once I got home I noticed a warning sticker on top that says it contains lead anyone else have the same sticker on their powder?


      1. Bryan,

        I’m guessing it’s a prop 65 warning which is added for products that are going to be sold in California.


      2. Practically any supplement sold in California has to have that label on it so it doesn’t signal that it’d have lead levels that might be dangers to your health. Literally every supplement in California has to have that warning if there’s any detectable lead at all (even if it’s many magnitudes lower than what might be considered harmful).


    1. I bought mine at the grocery outlet as well. Shocked to see that warning, bummed too because, there’s no one to blame except me if I developed a third eye (for using it). I would love to use it, think I’m going to play it safe and go for one without lead.


    1. I’ve never done it with Macro Greens but given its taste and texture I don’t think taste would be a problem, although some of the nutrients would decompose.


    1. Hi Jessye, it wouldn’t hurt. You might want to try an acetycholine boosting nootropic like phosphatidyl serine. Or even better, see if you can get him engaged in some sort of cognitive enhancing behavior, like an art project.


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