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Four Interesting Foodies

A part of me wishes I had it in me to take pictures of what I ate and did all day and put it up here so other people could peer into my life and get daily doses of motivation to live a healthy life.

But that’s not me.

The idea doesn’t sound fun to me at all, and to be honest….those types of blogs aren’t the ones I naturally gravitate towards. But damn…people sure seem to like reading them.

So with that said, here are four foodies/fitness authors who do a good job of giving you a daily dose of what to eat.

Emily at A Nutritionist Eats

Emily is a nutritionist who began a blog in 2009 as a way to chronicle her way to good health. Like many of her colleagues she slowly developed a following and her personal hobby soon became a source of motivation and insight for others.

What I like best about Emily is her flexible attitude towards food. She doesn’t seem to adhere to any sort of strict orthodoxy about what it means to be healthy, and has an open minded approach towards food.

Her recipes are always good too.


Courtney at A Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Courtney is a personal trainer who regularly blogs about her life and health journey on her website sweettoothsweetlife.com.  Her style and tone is similar to others, but in my opinion it’s a bit more “girly” than others and places more of an emphasis on exercise and fitness. (And no, I’m not using that word in a derogatory manner).

Her tone is very conversational, and emphasizes a greater variety of lifestyle topics on her site, and her food dabbles in the decadent more often than others.


Jill Will Run

Jill Will Run is a healthy living site run by a running enthusiast…..a women after my own heart. She’s formerly anorexic, and likes to emphasize different running strategies and a healthy body image.  Her topics tend to cover a fairly holistic look at healthy living, with an added emphasis on running and nutrition.

She’s also very privy to product reviews, and I’ve enjoyed her musings about different running gadgets, as I’m a real weakness for those.



This site is run by Elena Wilkins, who is 100% vegan and acts as a coach of sorts for those curious about the lifestyle.

She cured herself of hypo-thyroidism by adopting a plant based diet, and is a firm believer in the benefits of a strictly vegan diet.

Compared to the other authors mentioned in this post she has more well defined beliefs about what constitutes a good diet.

She sells a 30 day vegan/detox boot camp that I admit, am curious to try.

Her account of a natural birth is one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever read on the internet. 


If you’re looking for a little motivation and enjoy looking at high-res photographs of other people’s food, I can’t recommend these people enough!

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