Incredible Greens

Incredible Greens on Sale for $25 A Bottle From June 7 – June 14

Incredible Greens
Incredible Greens can be bought for $24.99 a bottle

Hey everybody!

I have good news and better news.

For those of you that are following along, Incredible Greens is the product made by my company Health Kismet. It’s a condensed greens powder.

And…..things have been going well enough that we’re almost through our first batch and ready to make our second.

So to clear out our inventory a little quicker,

Incredible Greens is Being Put On Sale for $25 a Bottle for the Next Week!

That’s from June 7 – June 14 for those of you keeping track.

For those of you that have ordered in the past you already know what it is.

For those of you that are new to the product, here’s a brief run down:

  • Condensed greens powder that combines 35 different types of raw produce
  • Contains 40 billion active cultures of probiotics per serving
  • Every ingredient is raw, vegan, and grown without GMO’s
  • Believe it or not….it actually tastes good!

What Can Incredible Greens Do For You?

  • Help provide your 4-5 servings of vegetables each day
  • provide a natural energy lift that’s not as jilting as caffeine
  • Provide a vast array of micronutrients not commonly found in your diet….even if you eat well
  • Give your body the ability to detoxify and cleans itself
  • Help people who use nutrition as a form of therapy.

Looking to use the power of raw greens to help fight a condition? Lose weight? Improve your athletic performance?

Then tap into the power of concentrated, raw superfoods with Incredible Greens.

On our health benefits page we even collected a variety of the different studies that detail the different benefits of the ingredients in Incredible Greens.

And like I said….it doesn’t taste like dirt.

Jonathan Bechtel Incredible Greens
Incredible Greens has some great stuff in it

What’s In Incredible Greens?

For a complete run down please head over to our ingredients page, which lists everything inside of it with a more detailed description.

However, here’s an abbreviated list of the most important stuff:

  • Alkalizing Grasses – wheat, barley, and alfalfa grass help cleanse the body and oxygenate the blood. It’s like liquid sunshine.
  • Adaptogenic herbs –  Adaptogens increase your body’s ability to fight metabolic stress of all sorts, resulting in improved energy levels, heightened awareness, and better internal balance.
  • Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes – Incredible Greens has 4 billion bacterial cultures per gram, giving you 40 billion active bacterial species in every scoop! It uses 5 different strains which help improve immunity, cleanse the body, and improve nutrient absorption. Digestive enzymes ensure the nutrients are absorbed to their fullest potential.
  • Natural Immunity Enhancers – Why use medicine to fight sickness when you can use the tools that mother nature equipped your body with? Echinacea, Royal Jelly, Milk Thistle and more all have proven benefits for jolting your body’s protective abilities into a higher gear.

To purchase Incredible Greens for $50$25 a bottle (30 day supply), use the Coupon Code “greatsale” at checkout.

You can use this coupon to purchase as many bottles as you’d like.

What Are People Saying About Incredible Greens?

There have been plenty of good reviews so far.

Here’s but the latest review of Incredible Greens from Happy Hippie

Eyeing the dark green concoction, I got ready to hold my nose and down the drink. However, the minute the liquid hit my tastebuds I was pleasantly surprised!

and later she noted the benefits it had on her and her daughter’s body with this story:

Speaking of viruses, a few weeks into my ‘test’ of Incredible Greens, my daughter and I were invited over to a friend’s home while traveling in Florida. The minute we walked in the door, I knew my friend’s kids were a little off and lo’ and behold, they all had just been diagosed with strep throat. Strep is highly contagious, and I watched my daughter (as in slow motion – like a horror film), dig into a bowl of shared chips with her infected friends. Ah, shoot. I politely said we couldn’t stay long as I scrambled to figure out how to make a quick escape. My girlfriend then made me a drink and as I was sipping on it, I noticed she was wearing a jacket and holding her arms like she was cold. was 85 degrees outside. I asked her if she had a FEVER, and she sheepishly admitted, “Yes” – as she was coming down with strep as well. Resigned to the fact that I had walked into ground zero germ zone with my daughter, I figured we may have two days before we came down with said virus. Well, amazingly enough, neither of us got sick. This is so rare for both of us – so I have to chalk this up to the fact that we both had a boosted immunity. If we were exposed to the airborne viruses that our friends were spewing up on us, some how our bodies fought them off. Way to go Incredible Greens. Incredible indeed!

It tastes great. It’s good for your body.

Order some now for only $24.99 a bottle.

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