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9 Types of People That Need To Use A Greens Powder

incredible greens green superfood powder
Superfood powders can help a lot of people

Who Should Use A Greens Powder?

One of the remarkable benefits of a greens powder is its versatility. It can be of
equal value to the special needs athlete and the busy parent.

Because all of its ingredients come from whole foods overuse is all but impossible and as a whole the products are resistant to marketing gimmicks. Unlike some other egregious ploys used in the supplement industry (diet pills, stress relievers, etc), the green superfood powder is fairly pure and the popular brands stay that way because they actually work.

At the end of the day a good superfood powder is very useful to anyone who doesn’t get enough greens in their day to day life….which is just about everyone.

But here are eight groups of people that have a particular need for the product.

The Sick and the Elderly

The idea of medicinal nutrition has graduated from being a qucky belief held by new age cranks to one of mainstream acceptance. The healing powers of the world’s most potent herbs, greens, roots and berries have been demonstrated through scientific research thousands of times over, and getting a wide variety of them in your diet helps your body cure sickness and prolong life.

The Concientious Parent

It’s no secret that child nutrition is becoming a dire issue. Obesity and malnutrition early in life creates a lifetime of metabolic imbalances and crushed self-esteem that can set an innocent child back for decades.

And if you’re a parent, here’s the bad news: the deck is stacked against you. Every inch of modern society has been papered over with social and institutional cues that funnel your child towards the worst decision. Most greens powders don’t taste very good on their own but the majority can be mixed with other dishes and drinks without too much of an effect on taste. With a little bit of elbow grease and creativity you should be able to get your child to take one without them putting up a fight.


The physiological stress an athlete is put through gives them more acute nutritional needs than the average joe. Getting a wide variety of phytonutrients, carotenoids, and the thousands of other unique plant compounds can be the difference between getting injured or staying healthy, being fatigued or energetic, and performing well or not at all.

Vegans, raw foodists, and vegetarians

-Those who adopt a restricted diet need to make sure they fill in the gaps for foods they might not be eating. Plant based diets are a great idea for many reasons, but it’s possible that even a well planned vegan or raw food diet will have holes in it. A greens powder is a powerful form of nutritional insurance.

The Workaholic

Rising healthcare costs and the obesity epidemic have shown that it pays to be healthy, no matter how busy you are. The days when you could just shrug off the food you eat are long gone.

Anyone with a high stakes professional life can’t afford the fatigue, sickness, and lowered productivity that comes with bad health. But of course the problem is that you don’t have the time. Take a greens powder to make vibrant nutrition accessable and easy.


The ramen noodle diet is so over. Behavioral attitudes, concentration, and other aspects of mental performance are all enhanced by green, raw foods. And you ain’t gettin’ them at the school cafeteria. And besides, the natural energy boosts provided by proper nutrition are far more effective and long lasting than caffeine anyways.

People Who Are Injured or Are Rehabilitating

One of the biggest benefits of great nutrition is that it’s often a powerful “assist” to your body when it’s trying to overcome hurdles. It’s been shown that one of the most effective ways to ensure someone recovers from surgery or physical therapy successfully is to make sure their diet rocks.

Special Needs Children

Behavioral disorders like autism and ADHD are greatly affected by nutrition. In the case of autism nutrition can sometimes cure the condition entirely. Behavioral disorders are often the result of increased metabolic sensitivities that become exacerbated by a poor diet. If you’re the parent of a special needs child then you owe it to yourself to make sure your kid is receiving the broadest array of micronutrients possible.

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