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7 Great Resources for the Practical Health Nut

Want to Live the Right Way, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Living, eating, and exercising the right way doesn’t always come naturally.

We all need help if we’re just getting started.

To do it right you need practical advice on what to eat, what to buy, how to motivate yourself, and how to do it on a budget and within the confines of your schedule.

That may seem like a daunting task, but the truth is with a little bit of guidance anyone can do it. And there are a lot of people who want to help you. 

I’m one of them, but the truth is I’m not sure I do a particularly good job. I think I’m too nerdy for my own good.

In my opinion here are 7 people or websites that all do a much better job than me on the minutaie of living a healthy, complete life.

All have fantastic communities and are some of the best on the web at what they do.


1). Nutrition Unplugged

Janet Helm of Nutrition Unplugged
Nutrition Unplugged

Janet Helm is an RD who spends most of her time compressing relevant health research into concise, discernable blog posts for the curious layperson. She’s an accomplished dietician who’s advice has been featured across the world, and does a great job of combining her scientific background with a foodista’s touch. Her recipes and cooking tips are also worth following.



2). Small Bites

Andy Bellatti
Small Bites


BellAndy Bellatti walks in similar steps to Janet, but places a slightly bigger emphasis on the greater food system and how it effects us. In addition to sound nutrition advice, they both offer good breakdowns of popular health claims and help you make more informed decisions in the grocery store and kitchen.

I find myself agreeing with Andy’s stance on nutrition more than anyone else on the net.

Food and Cooking

3). The Happy Herbivore

Lindsay Nixon of Happy Herbivore
Happy Herbivore

Lindsay Nixon is a self-made chef and author who’s amassed a huge following by becoming the best in the world at a simple, but crucial detail of healthy living: healthy recipes that are easy and cheap.

I’ve used them myself, and they’re beyond helpful. She provides meal plans, cookbooks, and insightful advice on how to live a plant-based lifestyle even if your lifestyle circumstances don’t always make it easy.



4). Kiss My Broccoli 

Heather Powers of Kiss My Broccoli
Kiss My Broccoli


Run by Heather Powers, it’s my favorite food blog. Looking at pictures of meals and receiving daily updates on what someone’s eating is always gratifying, and it’s tone is irreverent and breezy, making it easy to follow.  The community is always cheerful and welcoming, and it’s a nice blend of food and a glimpse into someone’s personal journey to good health.



5). Uncooking 101

Eva Rawposa
Uncooking 101

Run by Eva Rawpose, Uncooking 101 is a great resource for adopting a raw lifestyle. Eva is one of the world’s most accomplished raw-foodists, and her website is a treasure chest of recipes, FAQ’s about raw living, and support for people looking to make the plunge into this unfamiliar way of life.

I’ve never tried her raw-food cooking course, but I’ve always been curious and will probably give it a whirl before too long.

6). GoDairyFree

Alisa Fleming


Alisa Fleming is a self-made authority on the nuts and bolts of living life dairy-free. She’s published her own cookbook, and her website offers advice, buying tips and support for people who want to exclude dairy products from their diet.




7). The No Meat Athlete

Matt Frazier
No Meat Athlete

Vegetarian athlete’s are growing in number, and there’s no brighter luminary in this space than Matt Frazier, the founder of NoMeatAthlete.

Want a good guide on what it means to excel athletically without eating meat?

A little motivation to make it through your first marathon?

Matt’s your guy. Their community is awesome, and his guides and recipes are super handy.

I know there are other sites out there that are worth mentioning, but for me these are the cornerstones that I regularly check up on.

When I give others advice, I’m often just repackaging their work. (Shhhh…..don’t tell them!)

2 thoughts on “7 Great Resources for the Practical Health Nut”

  1. I found your website through Heather at Kiss My Broccoli and bought some Incredible Greens. Thank you for the website suggestions in this post. Another good one I read is Carrie On Vegan. She has inspired me to eat better and think more about nutrition. Looking forward to receiving my Incredible Greens and learning more from you.


    1. Robyn,

      Thanks for that sweet comment. Your bottle of Incredible Greens was processed in our fulfillment centers today, so you should be receiving it sometime this week.

      If you have any questions please just let me know, either here or through the contact form.

      Have a happy Saturday!


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