Company Update: Better Shipping Policies, Bulk Pricing, Certifications, and More

Greetings everyone! This post is being written to inform everyone that we’ve made some changes with regards to Incredible Greens, all of which are for the better.

Allow me a brief minute to go over them.

Simplified Shipping Policies

As of right now all orders will carry a flat $6 shipping charge, regardless of quantity ordered or order size. This is an improvement over what we started out with because we were calculating live shipping rates, and our typical shipping charge so far has been about $7.25 so far.  We also had a few questions about shipping rates since it wasn’t clear what they were on the product page.

What’s Next: Within the next month or two we’ll probably go one step further and offer free shipping over a particular amount, most likely somewhere between $75 and $125.

Bulk Pricing

You can now receive discounts on Incredible Greens when you order larger quantities.

The breakdowns go like this:

  • Buy 3 or more: save 15%; ($43 a bottle)
  • Buy 6 or more: save 30%; ($35 a bottle)
  • Buy 12 or more: save 50%; ($25 a bottle)

These discounts are the most generous I can give at the moment. As of right now these discounts can also be combined with other coupon codes if you have them.

Both of these new policies are also clearly marked on the checkout page:

Bulk Pricing, Flat Rate Shipping, Return Policies


Several people were unclear about these policies, so this should alleviate that problem.

New Phone Number

Health Kismet now has an 800 number, 1-866-606-7473.  Talking hours will be  between 9-5 M-F, and sometimes on weekends if myself or someone else is available.

It’s listed on every page of the website in the bottom right hand corner.

PayPal Verification

The checkout page also has a “verified by Paypal” badge, which means PayPal checked the financial logistics of our website, and we passed everything.

The badge is now clearly displayed on the upper right hand corner of the checkout page, and you can click on it to view our verified financial info, which is updated on a daily basis.

PayPal Verified

Special Discount for First Time Buyers

I saved the best part for last. To make it easier to try Incredible Greens for the first time, we’re offering a deal to people who have never tried it before:

You can try it for whatever price you want. 

If you’ve never tried Incredible Greens before and you can’t quite overcome that anxiety from trying something new, you just have to send us a message stating what price you’d like to pay for it, why you’d like to try it, and how you found out about us. If it seems like you’re being reasonable (and I think most of you are reasonable people), then we’ll send you a coupon code for you to use for your first purchase.

You’ll see a link to this information right next to the price on the product page:

Incredible Greens Special Discount

You can view the entire offer page at this link:

Hopefully this will make it easier for a lot of you.

Have a great day!

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