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The Only Reason You’ll Ever Need To Switch To A Plant Based Diet

In case you still needed convincing that the nutritional status quo isn’t good for you, here’s a tidbit from an article in Current Sports Medicine:

Processed foods and animal products account for 90% of calories consumed in the typical American diet,

Processed foods are more filler than actual food. Meats are often served with a cocktail of additives that alter metabolic processes and increase the incidence of cancer and degenerative disease.

For your own health, the status quo is worse than unsustainable. It’s a long, steady march towards sickness, anxiety, and an inability to take control of your life.

Have a nice day.

4 thoughts on “The Only Reason You’ll Ever Need To Switch To A Plant Based Diet”

  1. And as I write this there are three new McDonald’s franchises being built in my area and everyone’s looking forward to it.


  2. Personally I think they should make “food” that is so heavily processed illegal. In fact I am sure I had heard about a fast food restaurant in Britain that is known to serve something so high calorie and so high in fat only allowing people to eat there once a week. I am not sure how they can really do that but if this restaurant serves “food” that is that bad, they should not even be in business.


    1. I’m not sure I would go that far. I’d guess outlawing fat and other tasty stuff would end up looking like prohibition, and make the problem worse.

      I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’d be legal to single out particular restaurants for a particular offense that others would also be guilty of. Do you have a link?


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