Incredible Greens

Incredible Greens Is Here! Save Up To 50% If You Act Soon!

Incredible GreensHey everybody!

For those of you that have been waiting, Incredible Greens is finally ready!

It arrived in our distribution warehouse and is ready to go.

If you don’t already know about it, feel free to browse the rest of the website (starting here) about this handcrafted green superfood concoction.

For those of you waiting to order, allow me to answer some questions first.

What Kind of Discount Will I Get?

If you use the coupon code “blogreader” at the checkout page, you’ll be entitled to a 40% discount off your order price. This coupon will apply for 7 days.

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Get At This Discount?

No. Order as many bottles as you’d like.

Where Do I Buy Incredible Greens?

To get the discount you have to buy it off our website. You should see a “Buy” option in the navigation bar in the top right portion of the page.

If you DON’T see the “Buy” navigation link, try clearing your browser’s cache, or just go to the product page:

You can buy the product at Amazon as well, but you can’t get the discount if you buy it there.

How Will You Charge Shipping?

We calculate live shipping rates directly from UPS. So the exact amount depends on where you live. However, for most people it should run somewhere between $5-$7 for the first bottle, with small increases with order size.

For instance, when I did test orders for my own house, the shipping charges came out like this:

1 bottle: $6.66

2 bottless: $7.10

10 bottles: $9.58

The increases get smaller the bigger your order. I live in Florida, and the distribution center is in Indiana, to give you an idea.

Are There Any Other Special Offers?

Yes! The 40% discount will run for 7 days, but 3 random customers will get a lifetime 50% discount off every health kismet product if you purchase a bottle before the end of the weekend.

Let me repeat that. If you purchase a bottle before 11:59 PM EST this Sunday, then your name will go into a drawing to receive 50% off every product Health Kismet makes now or in the future, no strings attached. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We do not ship internationally…..yet.

However, plans to do so are in the works, and should be available before too long. Perhaps a month or two.

I Live Abroad But Would Still Like the Discount, What Should I Do?

Send an email to (jonathan at health kismet dot com), and I’ll put you on a list to receive the large discount when international shipping becomes available.

What Is Your Return Policy?

It’s pretty simple. If you don’t like anything and want your money back, just fill out the contact form requesting a refund and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. The refund period is 30 days (which is how long one bottle lasts if you use it everyday).

Important Detail: This refund applies to the FIRST BOTTLE if you order more than one. So if you order 5 bottles and are unsatisfied, we’ll return the charge for the first bottle, and refund the rest of the money when we receive the additional bottles.

If there are any questions about this, please let us know on the help page.

Are My Payments Secure?

Yes. Our payment servers are protected with High Grade 256-bit encryption, verified secure by DigiCert, and PCI compliant to make sure your card data is safe.

If you have other questions, please let us know, either in the comments or at our contact page. Thanks!

Here’s to your health!

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