A simple diet tip

An Important Sentence For Dieters to Remember

In an article on WebMD Janet writes:

It’s been said many times before, but it’s so true: The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on.

You can read the link to the rest of the article on her website, which is about diet mistakes to avoid.

It’s a good list, and with one caveat, I agree with all of it. I’d guess Janet agrees with my opinion that healthy living is a skill, not a set of morals or personal qualities.

The only comment I’d add is that she’s too harsh on “detoxing diets”, mostly because she focuses on one interpretation of the word. I think she’s referring to extreme diets that emphasize eating a very small number of foods for a limited amount of time in order to bring about radical changes in your body. She’s right, that’s stupid.

That’s the meaning of the word that’s easiest to attack, but I’d guess a lot of people are detached from the revitalizing effects of eating fresh food. Moving closer to that direction would have a “detoxifying” effect on many.

Just a small quibble.

Perhaps the difficulty of going on a good diet is it involves much more than a diet itself. It’s having a lifestyle that provides the accompanying circumstances that make healthy living attainable.


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