The Most Popular New Ingredient……Blood?

Ick, right?

Apparently it’s becoming more and more commonplace as a feature ingredient in dishes. From Nutrition Unplugged:

 Whatever the reason, blood is appearing on menus more and more: Blood pancakes, blood pudding waffles, blood cups, sauces thickened with blood, blood ice cream.  In fact, bloody food was the cover story in the July issue of Food Arts magazine, written by Brad Farmerie of the Michelin awarded restaurant Public in NYC.  Public even featured a special bloody menu recently for an underground supper club that included Swedish blood bread, blood tofu, pig blood popsicles and horse pig blood brûlée.

I’m an adventurous eater, but some of that stuff even makes me squirm.

My experience with blood food is blood sausage (which was really good), and that’s it.

I was curious about the health benefits of blood, but could not find anything substantial for either conclusion. I image it’d be an excellent source of iron, and maybe protein, but I’m not that sure either way.

If anybody had more info, I’d be curious to know.

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