More Evidence That Fast Food Is Expensive, Not Cheap

Fast Food Consumption Has a Positive Correlation to Income

It’s a common chestnut of conventional wisdom that fast food consumption is only relegated to the lower castes of society because it’s the cheapest way to consume calories.


From the Institute of Food Technology:

A new national study of eating out and income shows that fast-food dining becomes more common as earnings increase from low to middle incomes, weakening the popular notion that fast food should be blamed for higher rates of obesity among the poor.

There was a good op-ed written in the New York Times here talking about the fallacy of fast food being cheap.

I also added additional critiques of that notion when I pointed out research data on fast-food consumption, and later on when it was reported people were buying more fresh produce as a way to save money.

Whole Foods Lower Your Grocery Bill

If you want to save money on your food bill, the easiest solution is to start buying bulk produce and get a rice cooker or crock pot. Your grocery bill will be cut in half, and you’ll probably start to lose weight as well.

4 thoughts on “More Evidence That Fast Food Is Expensive, Not Cheap”

  1. I just finished watching this show about debt, where the couple had been spending $400 a month on fast food! It was crazy. They were able to buy 3 shopping carts full of healthy food for only $300.


  2. It’s called “‘Til Debt Do Us Part”. lol. It’s a great show about how to get out of debt and start saving money. I know $400 a month on fast food / junk food sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, when I buy McDonalds meals for a family of 3; each meal averages at $7.00 per meal. 7 x 3 = $21. A home cooked meal would be more like $10 total. So you’re really spending half of the money. $21 x 30 days = $630. And that’s just for dinner. Not even including breakfast and lunch.


  3. Fair point. Although I’d guess a show called “Til Debot Do Us Part” probably selects for extreme examples 🙂


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