Licorice Root

Licorice Root Has At Least 7 Cancer Preventing Compounds

Is Licorice Root The Most Potent Superfood?


Berries, broccoli, and (lately) chia seeds grab most of the attention for potent green superfoods, but the more I read about licorice root, the more I’m amazed at its nutritional potency.

In particular, it has a remarkable effect on tumorous cell growth.

The most famous compound in licorice root is called Glycyrrhizic Acid, which became famous after a study published in Nature in 1979 found that it singlehandedly reversed virus activity without affecting normal cell replication.

The results in that study proved not to be flukey. They were replicated several times. (Here’s an example, and here’s another one).

I just finished reading a paper that dissected licorice root and found 7 different chemopreventive compounds in the plant, and possibly more.

Studies here, here, and here, show cancerous cell lines being inhibited when treated with licorice root extract. There’s a lot more, but I won’t link to them to avoid redundancy.

Licorice has a long history of chinese medicinal use. Modern science has a hit-and-miss track record with verifying ancient folk tales. (For instance, a lot of the performance enhancing effects of Ginseng haven’t showed up in lab results too much), but in this case, it looks like lab practices are a lagging indicator.

6 thoughts on “Licorice Root Has At Least 7 Cancer Preventing Compounds”

  1. Licorice root? Really? I don’t believe it lol. I mean, it’s great to learn this. I love licorice root way more than broccoli or tomatoes (which have also been showing to help prevent cancer). This is so awesome! You made my day đŸ™‚


  2. Licorice doesn’t get associated w/ health very much because of Twizzlers and other candies, but yeah, the herb has a loooong history of being quite good for you.


  3. I always associate licorice with Twizzlers or candy! The picture of licorice root looks like cinnamon to me. I am going to try this if I can find some! Nice post =)


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