4 thoughts on “Healthy and Delicious Stories”

  1. I agree that ranking diets appeals to a certain part of our psychology but doesn’t do much good. Health is holistic but putting things in lists causes us to narrowly focus on a few details.


  2. While I don’t think ranking diets is the best of ideas, I think commercial diets like JennyCraig and Weight Watchers get an unfair rap. I know the vegan/health/dietician community likes to stick their nose up at them, but I know quite a few people who have used them and gotten decent results.They’re not made for dieticians, but for people who like a particular sort of lifestyle and want it to be more healthy, and a lot of people I know that used them eventually lost weight. No, it’s not hard core paleo or raw, or what have you, but for a lot of folks it’s the best they can do.


  3. Jeanie, You’re probably right. I agree that the health/dietician/blogging community can end up being a bit inclusive sometimes, and eventually insulate themselves from the people they’re trying to help.I know someone who used south beach and some other diet, don’t remember which one, and it worked out well for them.


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