Who’s Skipping Breakfast the Most?

Males in early adulthood are the culprits:

Young adult males (ages 18–34) are the most likely among all adults to be breakfast skippers, according to a recent study conducted by market research company The NPD Group. Within this segment of the population, 28% do not eat a morning meal.

This makes sense. Males in general are less conscientous eaters than females, and between the ages of 18-34 is when lots of guys are living on their own for the first time, and cheap beer and Doritos are probably the food groups of choice.

The advice to always eat breakfast is trite, but true. Even if it’s not good for you:

This analysis provides evidence that skipping breakfast is not an effective way to manage weight. Eating cereal (ready-to-eat or cooked cereal) or quick breads for breakfast is associated with significantly lower body mass index compared to skipping breakfas

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