The Silliness of Busyness

Zen Habits writes:

The silliness of busyness is that sometimes you are so busy, you can’t recognize you are in trouble. You are so overwhelmed that you can’t figure out how to change. You are so used to being busy that you create more work to make your life even busier.

Yes indeed. I’m mum on time-management advice, but it’s usually revealing if you record how much time you actually spend working on something rather than faux-work and interruptions. It’s a smaller amount of time than you think. 

Busyness is not working, it’s a form of mental laziness and failure avoidance. My first instinct when I hear someone talk about how busy they are is skepticism. Accomplishment is best served by periods of intense focus, not mindlessly piling on the hours.

1 thought on “The Silliness of Busyness”

  1. The less I check my e-mail the work I get done. I know in my office there’s an emphasis on working with partners, with the idea being that helps you avoid distractions and forces you to verify your actions with someone else, which creates more focus.


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