Can You Guess Who This Is?

High achievers struggle with food too. From Salon:

He was ashamed of his weight. I couldn’t tell you exactly how heavy he was; the jacket of the light-gray business suit he usually wore disguised the extent of his belly and the dangling mass of his upper arms………


the man used to let things slip on outings like the railroad photo op, his wife would keep his eating somewhat in check at home. When she died he ate to keep his grief down in his stomach. 

and last but not least:

On the way, I happened across still more food lore about him. He had a penchant for barbecued turkey testicles, which I have since discovered to be a little gummy, much like spine or brain, and to have a slight savor of scallops. His most favored companions would always report their conversations to me as having taken place over a meal at the farm.

Hint: it’s a famous world leader.

The whole article is interesting.

5 thoughts on “Can You Guess Who This Is?”

  1. And it looks like I was wrong. I don’t really know too much about Sharon, never would have guessed it. I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of politicians have eating problems. You’re under so much pressure to caste yourself as invincible so eating disorders might happen more naturally.


  2. Bill Clinton would have been my guess as well if not for the wife. It’s interesting that so few world leaders are overweight. Is it merely an image related problem, or are they just so busy that they don’t have time to pack on pounds?


  3. I was thinking it could be Warren Buffett. He’s always been loose with his eating habits. He’s also been adamant that he doesn’t care either, but he’s a very private guy who protects his image.


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