Bizarro World Health Products

There’s a Groupon for breast milk!

Last week, however, Groupon subscribers in Indianapolis received a $10 pitch for pasteurized donor human milk from the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank (IMMB). The fine print explained what was going on: philanthropy. People who purchased the deal weren’t getting cutthroat bargains on breast milk for themselves; instead, the money raised would be used by the milk bank to offset the cost of providing human milk to premature and sick babies in need.

Admirable cause, but I think I’ll pass. 

Personally, the thought of store bought breast milk grosses me out. I can’t be the only one. Why not just have a 5k with free t-shirts? 

I understand the desire to be innovative, but the risk of disgusting your donors is a dangerous game, no?

2 thoughts on “Bizarro World Health Products”

  1. This is very nearly the opposite version of the campaign run by Carnation in Africa for many years: they would encourage poor African mothers to NOT use breast milk, and instead use formula. The problem is that the mothers (now educated by Carnation to believe that formula was superior to breast milk) couldn’t afford to buy the formula, so they would use too much water in order to make the formula powder last longer before running out. The results were devastating: many babies were dying of malnutrition, because they simply weren’t getting enough to eat.


  2. Rachel….wow! really? Do you have a link or other information? That’s interesting, and something I”m not familiar with at all. I’d be curious to find out more.


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