GMO Love

Maybe I’m wrong about people’s perception of GMO’s:

Consumers are eager to get their hands on, and teeth into, foods that are genetically modified to increase health benefits – and even pay more for the opportunity.

A study by Iowa State University researcher Wallace Huffman shows that when consumers are presented with produce enhanced with consumer traits through intragenic means, they will pay significantly more than for plain produce.

According to the paper, the premium is as much as 25%. 

From my point of view, this news is surprising. Within the natural food/health nut circuit, GMO’s are considered a big no-no and Big Ag companies are perceived in the same light as big banks. Go read the Natural News if you want to know what I’m talking about. This is also my impression from talking to ordinary people. 

However, the study sounds a bit like a consumer focus group, which aren’t very useful IMO. Asking people if they’d like to pay for something and actually having them pay for something are very different. There are plenty of examples of companies that got burned by listening to consumer surveys. It once cost Wal-Mart two billion.

2 thoughts on “GMO Love”

  1. I have a friend who swears against the use of GMO’s. She reads the Natural News and believes any tampering by man ought to be avoided. My opinions aren’t as strong as hers, but I do worry about the long-term effects of tampering with food. Not saying it couldn’t be beneficial, but the thought of carrying out 30 year experiments with human lives makes me a little uneasy. I wouldn’t pay more for a GMO superfood,for sure.


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