The Demise of Men?

Here’s an interesting TEDTalk about the struggles men are having today.



The link is here in case the video doesn’t show up.

In the video he points out that women are out-performing men at every school level, and their social performance is increasingly going awry. 

I think he’s right, and I’ll add a few more facts. 

1). Male economic well-being has become detached from the performance of the economy. Look at the following graph:

 People in general are making more money……..but it’s not men.

 2). The current economic downturn has been dubbed by some as the Great Mancession. Women for the most part are holding their own, but lots of dudes are proving to be unusable in today’s economy. There’s less and less of a need for manual work, so unskilled
male labor is being wiped out.

In the video he blames the demise of male well-being on increased social isolation and suggests that men are more prone to internet addiction than women. Men spend too much time playing video games and watching porn, and so they become socially awkward and incapable of participating in interactive social environments…….and clueless about how to act around women.

His diagnosis comes off as careless pathologizing IMO, but a lot of the facts he lists are interesting nonetheless.

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