man doing pushups

How To Exercise When You Have No Time

man doing pushups
Exercising can be done with little to no time

Exercising On A Busy Schedule

Finding the time to exercise while keeping the boss happy, taking care of kids and enjoying the rest of your life is usually very difficult. Zen habits recently wrote a good article on how to tackle this problem.

I’ve been out walking all day in New York City with my daughter, and haven’t found any time for my usual workouts in between museums and fabulous restaurants.

And yet fitness doesn’t require hours of your time every day.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite quick exercises. It’s not meant to be a complete fitness program, but something to sneak in when you’re too busy to get a longer workout or a visit to your gym.

The list throughout is good, and I’ve used similar techniques when I don’t have the time or capacity to go to the gym.

I’m currently traveling around the world, and I do a 30 minute routine that incorporates about 4 or 5 of the techniques she uses. I run to the park, do a circuit workout for about 15 minutes and run back to my apartment. It’s intense, requires no equipment, and has kept me in good shape.

Another benefit of this sort of exercise routine is that the barriers of entry to starting are very low, so you’re less likely to quit.. I think half the reason many people don’t stick to gym routines is because it jars the rest of their schedule too much so it takes remarkable will power to keep going.

2 thoughts on “How To Exercise When You Have No Time”

  1. Nich, I agree that with a little bit of imagination you can exercise all you want without having to go to an expensive gym or fancy equipment. Exercise balls, small free weights, jump ropes, and a pair of shoes are good enough to get you to wherever you want to go.


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