How To Make Your Own Superfood Cough Syrup

Homemade cough syrup

Ever had a dry cough that keeps you hacking deep into the night?

You know, that annoying itch at the back of your throat that won’t go away?

This homemade tonic is made based on firm scientific principles and is easy and cheap.

And better yet, it works.

5 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Money On Supplements

taking supplements

For the most part an intelligent use of supplements is good.

However, the use of supplements still obeys the first law of toxicology: dosage is everything.

If you’re guilty of the 5 following sins, then you need to cut back on how much you’re spending.

Ginkgo Biloba: Nature’s Answer to Senility

ginkgo biloba tree

Ginkgo Biloba is a type of tree found in Asia that’s supposed to improve your memory and cognitive functioning….especially if you’re a little old in the tooth.

Does this leafy tree deliver on its promise?

Can modern medicine verify what’s been believed to be true for 5,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The answer’s actually a bit mixed…….

Attitudes Towards Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine

Do Doctors Take Alternative Medicine Seriously? There was an interesting article in the LA Times that describes how more doctors are using alternative medicine……..on themselves. While doctors are schooled in traditional Western medicine, a growing number like Michelfelder are turning to complementary and alternative medicine to stay healthy, then integrating the techniques into their medical […]

Diet Supplements: For the Healthy, by the Healthy

health supplements pills

Who Uses Health Supplements? There’s been a kerfluffle the last few months about the health benefits of supplements. Epidemiological data suggests they do some good, but studies focused on individuals show little to no benefit. The disparity between the two results is probably due to a selection bias in who uses them. If you’re nutrient […]