4 Alternatives to CoQ10 That Just Work

CoQ10 Alterntive

CoQ10 is a popular supplement but it’s usually not the best choice for people taking it who aren’t on a statin.

It doesn’t get into your body folks.

Here are 4 molecules that do the heavy lifting of CoQ10 inside the body but soooooo much better!

My Acid Reflux Sent Me to the Hospital. Here’s What I Did.

go health

The other day my barbecued tofu took a ride around my GI tract and got to come back out to show the world what it found.

Maybe it had a good time, but I certainly did not. Debilitating heart burn IS NOT FUN.

Here’s how it happened, and here’s what I did afterward to make it go away

Why I Use St. John’s Wort & Bob Saget to Cope With Anxiety

st johns wort

What do St. John’s Wort and Bob Saget have in common?


They’re both good for improving sentiment, albeit in very different ways.

Together they’re a potent 1-2 punch to combat the blues, HIV, certain forms of cancer and that feeling listlessness when the winter night gets you down.

Read on to find out more…….

MitoQ: The New Frontier in Mitochondrial Health.

Mito Q

Good afternoon, everyone. Hope you’re doing well.


I’m great, thanks for asking.

Do you lay awake at night wondering if there’s a more targeted version of CoQ10 to improve your mitochondrial health?

Yeah……me too.

So about that…….

5 Health Conditions You Can Treat With High Dose Vitamins

You’d be surprised what you can do with a $9 bottle of pills from your local drugstore.

Don’t believe me?

Here are 5 acute health issues you can treat with OTC vitamins in large quantities.

It’s true!

Creatine: The Missing Ingredient In Mental Health


Hidy ho neighbors!

It’s a gloomy day here in northeast Ohio and I find myself needing a way to put off the doldrums that are concomitant with this depression inducing weather.

Besides the obvious choice of vitamin D, what am I turning to?

To keep myself stabilized I eschew botanicals of all ilk, skip the magnesium, and instead turn to a powdery white dust that I know will keep my mood stabilized.

That’s right folks, to keep myself sane I choose creatine.

And you should too.