Friday Night Video: The Perfect 15 Minute Total Body Workout


How you work out is much more important than how much.

It’s perfectly possible to do more in 20 minutes than what other people do in 3 hours. Lots of people at the gym are wasting their time.

Staying in good shape shouldn’t take more than a half hour at a time, and it shouldn’t require expensive equipment or gym memberships.

Here’s a great video that demonstrates how to stay fit with 15 minutes a day.

Juicing Guide Preview: 30 Day Plan With Grocery Lists and Recipes

The video course I was planning for the end of summer is finally about ready.

It’s not 100% perfect, but is just about ready to go.

Most of it will be released soon, but here’s an introduction video to the course.

Saturday Morning Video: How Being Cold Helps You Lose Weight and Fight Disease

Does it sound fluky and dumb to think you could lose weight and fight heart disease by simply being cold?

I do.

But here’s a fascinating video that explains how exposure to cold weather could be enough all by itself for most people to maintain a healthy body weight.