Your New Best Friend: The Superfood Picker – Algorithmically Compare Greens Powders

superfood picker

Folks, a momentous occasion is upon us.

The way we evaluate greens powders will never be the same.

The rules of the game are forever changed.

Waive a joyous “Goodbye!” to the days of aimlessly sauntering through megabytes of low-quality buzzword-stuffed articles to find product information.

Say an exuberant “Hello!” to using the power of machine learning to objectively evaluate your preferences and get a customized recommendation in 60 seconds or less.

The future is here.

Are you ready?

Shakeology: An Informative Review


Today we review Shakeology.

A fun endeavor because, in addition to using it, it allowed me to take a trip down memory lane and remind myself of what the internet once was.

Green foods, feel-good nostalgia, and the world’s most saucy marketing hacks all in one!

Read on, if you think you can handle the fun……..

Can This Vitamin Replace Your Cholesterol Medication?


Did you know the cholesterol medication industry transacts over 30 billion dollars each year?

My stars, that is a lot of pills.

Remarkably enough, did you know there’s a $5 alternative that works nearly as well and in entirely different ways?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

5 Details That Destroy Supplement Quality That You Could Never Know About


If you’re a supplement junkie you’ve probably noticed that you can take two brands that offer the exact same ingredient but give you radically different results.

I used to have a friend who regularly got high on Kava but could take 15 pills of a low-cost brand and not feel a thing.

The reason is more than just placebo.

Here are five critical points in the QC process that’ll make or break a supplement and aren’t clearly defined on any label or regulatory protocol.

How 10 Popular Supplements For Heart Health Compare To Each Other

heart health

Another day, another exciting meta-article about the effectiveness of 10 different supplements on cardiovascular health.

What can I say folks, life’s good in the fast lane!

And with regards to the article at hand, who comes out on top if you compare the top 10 health supplements for your heart?

Details inside!

Creatine: The Missing Ingredient In Mental Health


Hidy ho neighbors!

It’s a gloomy day here in northeast Ohio and I find myself needing a way to put off the doldrums that are concomitant with this depression inducing weather.

Besides the obvious choice of vitamin D, what am I turning to?

To keep myself stabilized I eschew botanicals of all ilk, skip the magnesium, and instead turn to a powdery white dust that I know will keep my mood stabilized.

That’s right folks, to keep myself sane I choose creatine.

And you should too.