CBD Oil: Everything You Need to Know


Does anyone else find it funny that marijuana’s illegal but concentrated extracts of its active ingredient are not?

The world’s a strange place sometimes.


CBD is a pretty remarkable compound with pretty remarkable health benefits.

So here’s a pretty remarkable review about what it does and how you can buy it.

Curcumin: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

curcumin suppliers guide

Curcumin made its way from tandoori to tablet pretty damn fast. It’s the best selling herbal supplement in the world.

Startling fact: did you know most supplementary curcumin is useless?

Special steps have to be taken to make it bioavailable, otherwise you just poop it out.

That’s where specialized forms of curcumin come in……..they take extra steps to make sure it gets out of your tummy.

Here’s a detailed look at how the five biggest suppliers compare to one another, and what they get right and wrong.

Nootropics: An Unconventional Guide


Can you really take pills to make yourself smarter?

If your IQ is below 100 then probably yes. If not, sorry……back to the chalkboard you go.

But it is possible to use supplements to create a discernable effect on your cognition.


The 7 Nerdiest Places to Learn About Health Supplements

supplement nerd

Do you ever carry the weight of knowing there’s something not-quite-mainstream about yourself?

I know I do.

Spontaneously waking up in a cold sweat and murmuring jibberish about the pharmacodynamics of vitamin K probably just doesn’t come off as normal to most people. I even scare myself sometimes. Don’t even ask my stuffed animals what they think about it.

Well, ya know, if you’re convinced you’re really weird, it’s always reassuring to find someone just a little more off-their-chain than yourself.

Enter Charlie.

He’s a long time reader that’s amazed me with his arcane knowledge of herbs and itsy-bitsy-yellow-polka-dot-bikini supplement companies. Today he bares his inner self about where he fiendishly scratches his supplement itch.

It’s a guided tour of the nichiest, geekiest, most hardcoreist places on the net to research about health supplements.

The article’s a win-win: you get to read it, and I get to unchain Charlie from my basement dresser, yank the apple out of his mouth and let him back into the wild after 18 days in captivity. (What can I say, I’m a master of persuasion).

Let’s go!

How Product Testing Works In The Supplement Industry

health supplement testing

Despite the publicity it receives, product testing and verification in the supplement industry is not very well understood……even if you work in product testing and verification in the supplement industry.

So today….the madness stops. We. Shall. Understand.

If you make it through this article without nodding off before the end you ought to know more about how it works than 90% of people who work in the industry.

Yes friends, let’s peek behind the curtain and see if the Mighty Oz is wearing any pants or not.

Review: Trace Minerals Research Greens, Berries & Chocolate Powders

trace minerals

One more product review to throw in the gristmill.

This one was fun, because it was a 3-for-1.

Today we take a tour of the nutrient powder offerings by Trace Minerals Research.

They’re very deep and balanced.

Come, let’s learn more.